This is What Our Clients Are Saying

Very happy with our older dog’s nail trim. He usually is a very difficult dog to take care of. The tech was super nice and knowledgeable. We appreciate that she wore a mask when she came up to the door. We have already booked our next appointment.

Victoria Walter

The Pet Parlor is so fantastic not only because they care for your pets so wonderfully but because they LOVE them. The pets love Pat Thompson and her staff and I’m guessing, like me, the owners do too!

J Lofgren

MAY 31, 2018 AT 3:42 PM

The Pet Parlor had cared for out fur babies three times in the past year and as always, everything was fine. Kona and Abby love her. They send us pictures every day and we can see in their eyes that they are happy. I can’t imagine boarding them ever. This company is a real lifesaver!!! Very happy we found them. They are trustworthy and they even came out in a blizzard. They are the BEST!!!!!

Karen Cichocki

MAY 31, 2018 AT 2:16 AM

Before I had them, I thought cats would be somewhat indifferent to pet care providers. NOT TRUE! My cats LOOOVE Pet Parlor care providers. This year I cut back from two visits a day when I would be gone to one day, and boy, did I get complaints when I got home! This past Memorial Day weekend, I increased visits back to two a day, and was gone twice as long. When I got home I had calm, normal behaviour from them. No screaming MEEOOOOWWWS ….more of a “oh, it’s you” when I walked in. Good care shows but GREAT care is when you can impress a 17 year old cat or two. Or three. Thanks, Pet Parlor!

Kathleen Lerner

MAY 29, 2018 AT 3:09 PM

Pat and Maria have been giving excellent care to my baby Ellis when I’m at work. I love to open my email and found the picture that they send me of my baby at home relax and happy! I trust in Pet Parlor a 100%!!!

Enitza Caban

JANUARY 22, 2018 AT 12:16 PM

“Without The Pet Parlor.I could never comfortably be away from home for more than a day or two. I know Kiki is in good hands while I’m away. She always greets our visiting pet sitter and promptly takes her to the food bowl. The best part is getting a daily photo of her so I know she’s being well cared for in my absence.

Lee Ann Egan

I have known Pat (who owns The Pet Parlor) for over 15 years, we worked in the same veterinary practice in Munster, IN. She is a very responsible, kind and caring individual. I have used her services many times and she is always there when I need her. My dogs absolutely love her and she always leaves notes on how they have done. Her latest visit included her looking in on my litter of 6 week old Vizsla puppies while I had to be away for the day. I whole heartedly recommend Pat and The Pet Parlor services.

Michael Walsh, DVM

I have been a loyal customer of Pet Parlor for several years. I feel extremely comfortable entrusting my pets to their care. They have never cancelled on me and is available on very short notice. They took care of my dog and cat while I was out of town for about 9 days, she gave me regular updates and when I got home, my animals were happy and healthy. So much better than boarding!!!! I will never have to board an animal again thanks to Pet Parlor.”

Beverly Novak

I have known Pat for 18 years and she has been watching our critters for over 10! She is absolutely amazing!!! Pat is kind hearted, compassionate, and reliable. It’s really wonderful to be able to travel and not have to worry about our pets because we know they are in excellent care! I am so lucky to have Pat as my pet sitter. I would never want to leave my pets in a cold cage in a place not their home where they would be so scared. I trust Pat 100%! Thank you Pat!!!

Heather Loredo

“The Pet Parlor took care of our 3 dogs for 6 years when we lived in the area. They did an AMAZING job! We never worried about our fur kids whether we were gone for a day or a week because we knew they would take wonderful care of them. Then our Rottie became chronically ill. They went above and beyond keeping us updated on how she was doing and making sure she received every medication she needed right on schedule when we couldn’t be home. They are truly top notch pet sitters in every aspect. They are kind, caring and compassionate. We can’t say thank you enough for the wonderful care they took of our dogs. It was like losing a member of our family when we moved out of state.!

Valerie Vrablic

In 2006 I went through the devasting loss of my sister. She was retired and I worked in Chicago. We had three loving rescue four-legged children. I thought I was going to lose my mind over my loss and worrying about how I could care for Frizette, Rudy and Wheedle when I was gone from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. every work day. And then a miracle appeared bearing the name of Pat Thompson. She took such fantastic care of my kids, made sure they got outside breaks, fresh water, treats and lots of loving. I came home at night to happy, healthy, unstressed pets. I could not have done this without Pat. She was always there for us if I had to work late, or needed advice on care or put me on notice if she noted anything about my pets she thought might need attention. She was there to help me get through the horrible ordeal of having to put my sweet Frizette out of her misery when her kidneys failed. My kids just loved her and I always knew Pat cared deeply for all of those animals entrusted to her care, it just oozed out her. She was so trustworhy and knowledgeable, and professional in all her Pet Parlor dealings. I retired and then had to move to another town and I would almost kill to get the Pet Parlor and the Thompson crew to move closer to me inasmuch arthritis has made it impossible for me walk a pet let alone chase them around the yard or roll on the floor playing with them. I was so spoiled by the top quality care provided by Pet Parlor I don’t even know where to start looking for a replacement. You simply will not find a pet care facility or crew the would do a finer job.

Joan Lofgren

Pet Parlor is fantastic, they were always there for us and our lab Koby. They were always on time and always there even on short notice, Pet Parlor is someone you can trust.

Richard Putz

While living in Hammond, I used The Pet Parlor exclusively. Huntly adored Pat and her staff, and I always knew that everything was fine, even on those short notice days. I strongly recommend Pat as a caring loving pet sitter and if I were still in the area, she would be go-to pet service.

Carolyn Pelham

Pet Parlor was our dog walker for our yellow lab Rudy when we lived in Lansing. We were gone 10 hours a day for work and that was too long to leave Rudy in his crate. They would come faithfully every day to let him out, let him play, do his business and give him attention and love. We moved and really miss having the Pet Parlor as our dog walking company.

Jodi Kosary

Pet Parlor was the sitter for my little Pekingese (Baby) for years and I always knew I could trust them in taking care of her. From the first time I met her sitter and I knew I could trust her and baby adored her. My little one was on a special diet and they always got it right and loved spending time with her. Believe me I never had another pet sitter for Baby, I just know that no one could live up to the Pet Parlor and their standards ! After Baby passed on I received some very lovely words from them and I know they just miss my little one.

Laura Tyler

Pat is a wonderful person and pet sitter. You can relax and know your pet is being taken care of very well. She is trustworthy and dependable . You couldn’t get any better than Pat and the Pet parlor.

Terry Pawloski

I had Pat from The Pet Parlor as a pet sitter for my furry family when i had met her when living in Hammond. She was so wonderful that I can call her a great person and friend. I looked forward to her coming to visit for the other animal needs as I was quite sick at the time. I never gave her enough credit for what she did for us so we could get away for awhile, I realized what a godsend she was after we moved away. It was so nice to reconnect lately, she became a trusted friend for us and an extension of our family. I would recommend her to others for their furry family needs!

Melissa Semrau

What can I say? Pet Parlor is the greatest. On there first visit, my black Labrador decided he was going to not let Pat in – he was panicky and stood at the door giving her a low scared growl. She must have taken an hour getting in – she actually got on her knees and ‘had conversation’ with my Capone until he finally let her in – anybody else would have left instantly.… Pet Parlor is on my speed dial, she is professional, flexible, completely trustworthy and competent. I’ve never even considered looking somewhere else for somebody else to care for my babies. It’s SO important for me that the kids get to stay home when we leave – I will NOT board my dogs – The Pet Parlor is the PERFECT solution!! 

Tracy Behrens

We have used the Pet Parlor for well over 13 years. They have taken care of our cats every time we needed them to. They even gave our one cat, Portia her diabetes shot while we were out of town. They are trustworthy and loving and caring to our cats. We are always confident that our animals are well looked after. They even bring in our mail and keeps a watch on our house too. I would highly recommend the Pet Parlor to watch your animal.

Maureen Clarke

I have to agree with all these great testimonials. I don’t think you will ever find a more caring, loving and competent pet sitters than at the Pet Parlor. I am now in a position where I desparately need a special pet sitter but I have had to move to a town too far away for Pat or her staff to care for my beloved Wheedle. I can only pray that God will get her closer to me or send me her twin. I read her comments every day and reaffirm how special she is. Anyone out there looking for the perfect, special individual to love, care for, and watch over your pet – contact the Pet Parlor and introduce youself to this extrodinary human being gong by the name of Pat Thompson!!!

Joan Lofgren

The Pet Parlor is great! We can always count on them to walk our dog Jack when we are out of town or if we just need him to have a break mid-day. Pat is very flexible with our family’s busy schedule and is always willing to help given short notice.

Carrie Bhasin

Pat has been looking after the girls since 2013. I trust Pat, because my girls love her. Pat has done daily potty breaks for us and she watches the girls any time we are out of town. Pat is an extended member of our family and I know that she is kind and loving to the girls. Emmy is a special needs baby; she is deaf. Pat is patient and loving.


Pat and the Pet Parlor are the best ever. Pat is caring, kind, affectionate and loving to the pets she cares for. Pat has been my pet sitter for many years. When going away to enjoy yourself it is so nice to know that your pet is in Pat’s care. No worries. There can’t be anyone out there who does it better. Pat provides the BEST quality care, walking, playing and hugging for her doggie clients!!

Patti Van Til

Pat the CEO of PetParlor provides comprehensive care plan for your kitty. Pat interacts with great respect and allows the pet the space to develop the relationship. An amazing quality experience that is so outstanding you have the peace of mind knowing a true professional is so caring. Her care provides a high level of experise.

Bonita Neff

The Pet Parlor watched out 4 dogs and 1 cat while we were on vacation. They loved her as evidenced by the daily photos they sent. Everything was fine when we got home. I wouldn’t want to board them or have anyone else watch them. They were great!!

Karen Cichocki

My December 6, 2012 comment on the incredible bond I had with the Pet Parlor pretty much says it all. I truly mourn not having Pat caring for my four-legged children.

Joan S. Lofgren