Our sitters will play with your pet’s favorite toys

How to Ease Your Pet’s Anxiety During Your Absence: Pet Sitter Tips

If you have an anxious pet, we feel your pain.  Our tips may help when you need to go away and leave them with a pet sitter. As the owner of a pet sitting business for over 23 years, I understand how difficult it can be for pets when their owners go away. Our furry friends depend on us, so leaving them alone – even if only for a short time – can cause stress and anxiety. As pet lovers ourselves, the staff at The Pet Parlor want to make the experience as positive as possible for both pets and their people. Here are some of our top tips for easing a pet’s anxiety when they’re being visited by one of our professional pet sitters:

Tell Your Sitter Which Is Your Pet’s Favorite Toys and Treats

Provide toys and treats – Point out your pet’s favorite toys with our sitter so they know your pet’s familiar comforts. Some puzzle toys filled with treats can also keep them stay occupied. Just be sure to use toys your pet won’t tear apart and swallow pieces.

Give Some Extra Love Time Before You Have To Leave

Our pet sitters will be sure and shower your pets in love and attention when they are there, but it always helps if YOU give extra affection before leaving.  Spend extra time cuddling, petting and playing with your pet right before your departure. This will give them positive associations with your absence instead of just focusing on the sad goodbye.

Familiar Environment and Smells Mean Comfort To Your Pets

Leaving your pet home with a pet sitter is a very comforting thing to offer an anxious pet.  It helps so much, especially for pets with anxiety, to stay in their very own home.  It will go even further if you leave your scent in places they frequent.  An article of (worn and unwashed) clothing can provide comforting familiar scents that your pet knows and loves. Placing it in their bed is reassuring. You can also ask our sitter to give some gentle pets with the clothing for that personalized touch.

Keep Their Familiar Routine

Keep to your pet’s routine – Our sitters will replicate your pet’s typical feeding, walking and play schedule as closely as possible so they feel secure in consistency. Minor changes are okay, but big disruptions can add stress.

Your Sitter Can Employ Calming Aids

Use calming aids – For especially anxious pets, our sitters can try calming pheromone sprays, treats or music/TV left on in your absence. Just try out any anxiety remedies before relying on them for care visits.

We hope these tips provide both you and your pet peace of mind while you’re away. As always, our experienced sitters are ready to give your furry family member extra affection and attention during their visits. Please contact The Pet Parlor today to schedule your pet care needs.