“love time” is an essential part of professional pet sitting.

Looking For Quality Pet Sitting in Valparaiso?

If you’ll be traveling or away from home during Spring Break and need trusted pet care for your furry family members in Valparaiso, it’s important to choose a professional pet sitting service. Here in Valparaiso, The Pet Parlor can offer you gold-standard pet sitting you can depend on.

Why Choose The Pet Parlor?

When picking someone to let into your home and care for your pets, credentials and experience really matter. Our pet sitters are insured, background checked, and have extensive experience caring for all types of pets. Even shy babies get patient and loving pet care.  You can feel completely secure having our sitters in your home. Compare that to asking a neighbor teenage or inexperienced pet sitter—there’s a much greater risk involved without professional training and vetting.

Longevity Matters!

The Pet Parlor has been caring for local ‘babies’ for almost 25 years!  That’s longer than ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL PET SITTING COMPANY IN NORTHWEST INDIANA!  (And we strive to KEEP our 5-star rating!)

We Understand What’s Important To You and Your Pets

As a pet parent, nothing is more important than the safety and happiness of your pets. Our pet sitters have the expertise to spot any health issues early, administer medications correctly, and keep your home safe from escapes or damage. They also know how to provide tailored care for pets with special needs. And they are EXPERTS at chin scratches and belly rubs.  Can you really trust just anyone with these responsibilities?

Not Just Food and Water

Professional pet sitting services also offer more than just food and water. Your pets will get lots of love, playtime and a familiar person keeping them company each day. We even offer extended visits if you think your pet would want want MORE snuggle time!  This helps minimize stress and increases mental stimulation while you’re gone. Our sitters even provide picture updates and notes EVERY VISIT so you always know how much fun your furry friends are having!

The pets of Valparaiso deserve professional care, and with The Pet Parlor you can feel confident traveling this spring break knowing your pets are in reliable, trained hands.  Contact Us Today to schedule a meet and greet with your pet sitter in Valparaiso. Give your pets the best care—and give yourself peace of mind!  Click Create An Account if you’re ready to get started!