A Day Dedicated To Your Cat’s Questions

As a loving cat owner, you may often find yourself wondering what your furry companions may be thinking. Luckily, there’s a day dedicated just for that! “Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day” is a beautiful opportunity to deepen the bond with your feline friend.  It’s time to imagine just what they would ask and how you might respond. Today, we’ll explore this curious occasion and present ten possible questions that your beloved cat might have.

Cat Question’s From All Over The Globe:

  • “What’s the deal with red dot? Why can’t I catch it?”
  • “Do you think my human serves me treats because they genuinely love me, or is it just a clever bribery tactic to keep me from overthrowing them?”
  • “Why do humans keep throwing away our furniture?  Don’t they know that empty boxes are perfectly good places to sit?”
  • “Can someone please explain why a perfectly good piece of string becomes 100x more exciting when it’s dangling in front of me?”
  • “Where DO you expect me to vomit the hairball?”
  • “Is it just me, or do humans have this weird obsession with staring at screens all day? Should I be concerned for their mental well-being?”
  • “Is there a specific reason why humans find it acceptable to interrupt my peaceful nap with unnecessary attempts at cuddling? I believe I’ll retaliate at about 3 am in the morning…”
  • “Can someone please explain the logic behind opening a can of tuna and not sharing it with me? It’s like they enjoy disappointing me.”
  • “Why do humans insist on speaking to me in baby voices? I’m a sophisticated creature, not a fluffy baby toy!”
  • “What’s wrong with scratching the sofa?”

“Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day” is an extraordinary opportunity to deepen your bond with your feline friend. Imagining what they would ask is a perfect time to see things from their perspective.  This can deepen our special bond with them.  So, let’s celebrate this special day by embracing our cat’s curious nature and being the best feline companions we can be!  Read here for more on Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day