April 18th is Pet Owners Independence Day!

It’s April 18th, and we all know what THAT means, right??  It’s Pet Owners Independence Day and that means that you get to stay home while YOUR PET goes off to work!  Of course, you will need to be fed and ‘pottied’ before they leave for work!  I don’t know if this day is to be looked at like a Freaky Friday type of deal, but that’s where my mind went. Since this is such an unrealistic scenerio, let’s have a little fun and just go with it in our heads.

What Would It Be Like For Pets and Owners To Switch Places?

It’s a fun thing to think about (switching places with our pets): Can’t you just picture your cat on the phone with a new client trying to close a deal.  Or how about your dog wearing a hard hat on a job site barking orders (see what I did there?) While our pets are out earning a living, this ALSO means that you get to lounge at home all day!  What ARE you going to do with all that time??  Watch some TV, perhaps?  How about ssleeeepp? (I know many of you will be opting for THIS option, right?).

Bored man sitting on the floor at his apartment

Staying at home. A bored man sitting on the floor at his appartment

Staying Home While Your Pet Works Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be!

But then, halfway through your pet’s workday (if they are too busy to come home for lunch and let you out) YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PEE!  Or maybe you’ve had enough sleep and you’d just like a little playtime or a little walk outside?As the day rolls on, you are getting increasingly frustrated and bored.  Maybe you should sleep some more.  Booorrring, if you’re a do.  If you’re a cat, this is probably the preferred option!  Maybe you should chew up those shoes laying over in the corner?  Or (you’ve always been an over-acheiver) take a shot at that loveseat!  It’s got a little string hanging down that would be a GREAT starting place!

Your Pet Isn’t As Independent As You

Seriously, Pet Owners Independence Day seems like a silly holiday if you ask me – but it does inspire you consider the life of your dog from a different perspective.  What DO they do all day while you’re at work?  They are most likely bored and have to use the bathroom.  But unlike you, they don’t have opposable thumbs so they can’t take care of these things by themselves. It’s time to call a trusted company like The Pet Parlor to come in the middle of your workday to give your dog exactly what he needs.  Your cat?  She’s fine without a mid-day break – just ask her.

Just go Here and click ‘create an account’ to get started and enjoy Pet Owners Independence Day!