What was it like when I worked in boarding kennels?

I used to work in several different boarding kennels (all were at local animal hospitals) and I’ve seen some fights break out.  Even when we didn’t let the dogs interact, there would still be the occasional fight.  As a rule. we would take all of the dogs out (individually) 2 times per day and walk them around in a little enclosed area to do their business.  If we didn’t have a full kennel (which was rare) we might be able to throw a ball around for a bit.  We were always pulled between dogs (and duties) because of the amount of animals we were caring for at one time.  There was no ‘individual’ care – we simply didn’t have that kind of time.  I’ve never worked at a daycare where they put dogs together in the same area to play together but I have hired staff that have shared their experiences.

What my employees have said about working in day-care facilities: 

“I couldn’t pay attention to any one dog as well as I would have liked to…” one potential employee said to me during a job interview.

” I was overwhelmed almost all of the time,” was another statement I heard a prospective employee say.  She only stayed 3 weeks before she quit.  

Risks at a doggie daycare can and do exist.

It is tragic, but no surprise to me when I read THIS article about two dogs that died of injuries sustained at a day care facility.  They call is “Doggie daycare”.  It sounds fun and happy.  It sounds like your dog will be fingerpainting with bright colors and drinking chocolate milk.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but some places even paint their walls with rainbow-like colors. This gives the impression of ‘playtime’ to the owners.  Think about it: Dogs really don’t care about the aesthetics of where they are.  Some do, however, care about FUN.  Sometimes daycare IS a fun place for dogs.  But only certain dogs.  Others not so much.  You have to REALLY know your dog.  Much harder and maybe more important is to REALLY know your choice of daycare.

There are alternatives to doggie daycare.   

That article solidified a very valid fear of mine: that dogs really are more at risk in day care facilities and boarding facilities than staying home.  I truly understand and acknowledge that things can happen at home too.  I have been running a pet sitting company for over 25 years. In my experience: It’s MUCH LESS LIKELY for the unthinkable to happen when your pet stays safely at home.  It’s much safer for your pet to have one reliable person to let them out and play with them in their own backyard.  At The Pet Parlor we can provide a level of care that simply cannot be matched to someone who is caring for 15 dogs (or sometimes more) all at one time. 

Pet Sitter playing with a dog breed Jack Russell Terrier

If you are still on the fence about hiring a reputable service to come visit your pup while you work, you will want to read this: 9 Benefits Of Hiring A Pet Sitting Service.

We all want what’s best for our furry family.  It’s important to do your homework and make the right decisions with your pets wellbeing in mind.