Help Your Pets To Be Included, Feel Appreciated, and Be Safe This Thanksgiving

Most of us love Thanksgiving.  It’s a time to spend time together and enjoy the company of those we cherish most in our lives.  I think you’d agree with me that this has to include our pets. Regardless of how you choose to spend this holiday, it’s important that your pet feels included, appreciated, and is safe.  This article will give you some important tips to help make this holiday as good as it gets for you and your pet.

Including your pets in Thanksgiving

You probably know that it is a common practice for families to celebrate Thanksgiving with each other, but did you know that your pets deserve to share in this fun-filled holiday as well? Your pet can certainly share in the festivities, but they also need to be included.  Thanksgiving is a great time to show your pets how much you appreciate their friendship. Do something special for them on this special day. You might like to prepare them a special meal with some fresh turkey or play some holiday music for them. A great way to thank your pets for being your best friends would be to bake some pet treats that you know they will enjoy. (of course, they will be the official taste-tester!)

Appreciating your pets on Thanksgiving

One of the definitions of the word ‘appreciate’ is “rise in value”. To appreciate someone, you build someone up in value.  If you take the time to build value to a person or pet it’s natural that you will treat them differently – better!  Thanksgiving is a time when families come together to appreciate each other. How do you appreciate your pet on Thanksgiving?  Go for that extra long walk the day before (when you have more time).  Cuddle on the couch with your cat and watch your favorite movie together.  Spend some extra time ‘appreciating’ that special fur friend doing something you both love to do together. Click here for some more suggestions.

_Your Pet Included, Appreciated, and Safe For Thanksgiving

Keeping your dogs and cats safe for Thanksgiving

  • Having company over, chaos, and your pets

Holidays mean increased activity for many people, especially if you are hosting a party or celebration.  Always keep your pets in mind when it comes to the chaos that can ensue when guests are coming in and out of your house during the holiday season.  Make sure that fearful dogs and cats won’t get ‘lost in the shuffle’ and perhaps escape or be neglected.  Even a friendly pet can experience stress around this time of year.  Maintain their regular routine as much as possible and provide a safe and quiet space for them if possible.

  • Food considerations

Certain foods are off limits to both dogs and cats.  Chocolate is just one example of a food that is toxic, but fatty foods like gravies might not sit well on your dog’s stomach either.  Let your guests know if your pet has to avoid certain foods from the table and keep in mind that not everyone knows which foods are toxic to pets.  Here’s an idea: You might want to fix your pet his or her very own special Thanksgiving meal. There are many foods that are great options for cats and dogs that will keep your pets happy and out of the veterinarian office. Here is an article: Safe foods to feed your cat or dog.  Creating a special meal for your dog or cat will be an extra special treat on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Never forget to keep the trash out of your pets reach.

  • Travel 

Around the time of Thanksgiving, millions of Americans travel to spend time with family. Unfortunately, it can be a dangerous time for pets. Many people will leave their pets alone to avoid expense or in the care of a neighbor or friend for long periods of time. This can lead to broken friendships and sometimes tragic consequences for your pet.  Be extremely careful when choosing your pet care provider. Here are some tips to help keep your pet safe at home while you travel this Thanksgiving holiday:

  1. Find a reliable pet-sitting service like The Pet Parlor to care for your pets while you are away. Make sure to do your homework and thoroughly check out whatever company you are considering.  Click to Learn How To Spot A “Hobbyist Pet Sitter”
  2. Don’t forget the essentials! Have food, medicines, toys, extra litter and anything else that’s needed ready to care for your pets while you’re gone.
  3. Have your pets medical documents, leashes, and cat carriers easily accessible for your sitter should an emergency arise.


In conclusion, keeping your pets appreciated, included, and safe isn’t hard. If you travel during the holidays it may seem like a difficult decision to hire someone to care for your pets, but it’s the best thing that you do. It will save you time and energy. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your pets are being cared for and safe during the holiday season.  Call us at 219.588.3628 or go to www.petparlorpro.com and create an account to get started!