Many pet owners struggle with where to find reliable and trustworthy pet sitter.

Should you board or kennel your dog or cat or should you hire a professional pet sitter?  Should you ask a friend or relative to watch over your fur family? If you’re looking for quality pet care services and you just aren’t sure what the right move is, read on for some of the top benefits of hiring a professional pet sitting service.

Hiring a pet sitting service may seem like a luxury for busy people. But when you consider the benefits of having your furry family member taken care of while you’re away, it can be well worth it. There are many reasons why hiring a professional pet sitting service like The Pet Parlor can benefit you and your pets. From getting your pets exercise and love while you’re away to keeping your home safe from damage by pests or burglars, here are just a few benefits you may not have considered:

Pet Sitting reduces stress and anxiety for you

We all know it can be quite stressful when you have to leave your pets.  But sometimes we just have to go and unfortunately we can’t take our pets with us.  It is so MUCH easier to leave when you know that someone dependable, trustworthy and loving is taking care of your pet(s) when you can’t be there.  This fact makes it much easier to travel and enjoy your vacations.

Pet sitters reduce stress and anxiety for your pets when you are away from them

Pets don’t like to be away from their pack (that’s YOU, by the way).  It becomes worse for them if they are away from their familiar environment AND their humans aren’t there.  They can become depressed when dropped off at a boarding kennel.  Sometimes they stop eating and even get sick.  Hiring a professional pet sitter to come in while you are gone is the perfect solution.  Your cat or dog will be much less stressed and anxious when they are home being cared for by a loving and compassionate pet sitter.

Pet sitter feeding dog at home

The pet sitter gives the dog a bowl of kibble.

Pet sitting provides security to your pets

Your pets feel very insecure when they are taken out of their familiar environment and put into a kennel or any new environment.  This is especially true of cats. The unfamiliar smells and sounds just add to the stress – not to mention the fact that YOU are not there to offer reassurance and comfort.  Choosing to let your pet stay at home ensures they still have a sense of the familiar – their home. The sounds and it smells there are comforting to them. It feels better (and much more secure) to them. Read another pet care expert opinion here.

A professional pet sitter will provide security to your home

When you hire a professional pet sitter like The Pet Parlor,  your home is being checked on several times per day.  They will turn lights on and off and open and close curtains (at your request) to make it appear that someone is home.  This discourages burglars and thieves from seeing your home as a possible target while you’re gone.  A professional pet sitter comes to your home around the clock – morning, afternoon, and evening – whenever you want them scheduled.   They are trained to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.  A professional pet sitter will also keep you informed of home emergencies (floods, power outages, etc.).

Pet Sitters will keep your pets happy and healthy while you are away

The main duty of a professional pet sitter is to be sure that your pets are happy and healthy while you are away.  They will take care of all the basic necessities and also be sure to make sure your pet feels safe and loved.  (Your pets will probably get more kisses and massages and ear scratches while you are away than when you’re home!) Not sure where to start when choosing the best professional pet sitter for you and your pets?  Here is an article that will help you decide How to Choose the Best Pet Sitter.

Your pet sitter will keep you updated and informed

One of the best parts of hiring a professional pet sitter is that you will kept in the loop.  Kennel or boarding facilities can’t give you updates several times per day but The Pet Parlor does.  Every visit includes an update with lots of pictures of your pet.  You can be confident that your fur family is doing well while you’re gone.

Your pet is comfortable and safe at home

It’s a fact: your pet feels better being at home.  That’s where they feel safe, comfortable and secure.  We will help keep it that way when you’re away.  Call us today if you need a pet sitter.

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