We all want to keep our dog comfortable and content while we are at work

The average dog can only last about 4-6 hours before it needs to be walked or requires some attention. But you can help your pet through the day with these 10 simple ways to make them more comfortable and content during your working day.  I promise you’ll have happier, more relaxed pets.

When you work long hours, it’s important to make sure that your pets are comfortable and happy during the time when you are away. After all, you wouldn’t leave your kids unattended for hours if you knew they were unhappy. So why would you leave your pet alone? Here are 10 simple ways to make your pet more comfortable and content during your working hours.

Make sure they potty right before you leave

This only makes sense, really.  If you’re up at 5 and take him out and you don’t leave until 8, that’s 3 hours he’s been accumulating urine in his bladder.  Add THAT to the 8-10 hours you’re going to be gone and you can see how uncomfortable he will be by the time you get home!  The simple fix is to let him out right before you leave.

Make sure they have clean and soft bedding to so they’re comfortable all day

Sleeping in a clean and comfortable bed is important to humans AND pets.  It helps to relieve stress and fatigue on the body. We all know it’s not really easy to sleep if your bedding isn’t comfortable. If your dog doesn’t use his bed, it’s a good indication that he doesn’t find it appealing and it’s time to look around for something he prefers.

Give your pet his favorite food in the morning before you leave

If you can get your dog to eat a yummy meal before you’ve left for work, you can be assured that his belly is full and comfortable.  He’s more likely to be content when you’re gone.  A hungry dog will not be a happy dog.

Make sure their water bowl is freshened and near their food

Your dog will most likely mosey on over to the water bowl several times during your workday.  It’s much more comforting for your pet when there is fresh clean water to drink.  Some dogs love flowing water.  Click here for dog fountain ideas.

Hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker

Provide treats and toys where they can reach (or find) them

Some dogs get bored during the day and LOVE to go hunting around the house for things to explore.  Imagine their delight when they come upon a filled KONG toys for dogs or special treat that you’ve hidden for them. You can bet their tails will be wagging!

Make sure they’re getting plenty of exercise BEFORE you leave and when you come home

I know that sometimes (especially in the morning) you won’t have time to take your dog for a nice long walk.  If you can, it will go a long way in helping your pet to feel happy and content until you come home again.

Turn the heat up (or down) depending on what you think your pet prefers

This is a matter of preference for your pet.  If you find your pet wanting to burrow under blankets or shivering it might be an indication that they are chilly.  Turn up the heat a little and see if the behavior stops.  If it does, you can understand that your pet prefers a bit warmer temperature in the home.

Leave a radio or TV on low volume

Sometimes having familiar sounds around the house helps dogs (and cats) to feel like you are still there and that feels best to a dog: to have their humans nearby.

Hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker

Hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker

This one is so smart and loving to give to your dog.  Having a professional pet sitter like The Pet Parlor (click here) coming in the middle of the day provides reliefe to your dog.  They give a chance to go potty, get fresh water, treats, lunch (if he eats lunch) attention, a walk, and some playtime.  This is SO refreshing for your furry friend. Make sure you get a quality company you can depend on – not a hobby sitter: How To Spot A “Hobbyist Pet Sitter”

Open the drapes so they can watch the world until you get home

If you want to entertain your dog while you are away from home, you should open the curtains. Certain dogs will love being engaged in watching the birds, leaves, people, cars and not just the same four walls. Other dogs can be sensitive to noises, smells, or sights that cause stress.  If your dog gets upset by mailmen, bikers, etc – you may want to leave the curtains closed.

If you are a dog owner, it’s likely that your dog is going to be spending a lot of time at home while you’re working. Whether you’re at home doing paperwork, watching TV, or preparing food for dinner, you need to ensure that your dog is comfortable while you’re living your life. I hope these tips help your dog to be more happy and content when you’re working.