Adopting an older pet who is up in years is rewarding on every level: They help provide companionship for people who need it, and they benefit from the attention, comfort and affection of the caregiver.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is encouraging people to adopt pets that need homes during November, as a part of its national Adopt A Senior Pet month campaign.

This month, we’re honoring the seniors living in our homes and community centers. We’re also asking the community to “Adopt A Senior Pet” for the month of November. Adopting an older pet is not only about saving the life of a senior pet, but helping him/her find a loving forever home. When you become part of a senior pet family, you’ll learn and appreciate all the special needs and quirks that come with aging. What better way to give back and help others than by adopting an elderly dog?   National Adopt a Senior Pet Month is a fun and exciting way for us to say “thanks” to our seniors and remind our community that everyone deserves love and a companion.

We’ve compiled some of the best resources we could find to help you adopt an older pet. And to make sure that no senior is left behind, we’ve also included information on how you can help our local shelters and rescue groups that take care of senior animals.

Where To Find A Senior Pet

The first thing to do is to check online. There are many different local websites that offer information about adopting puppies and kittens from a shelter or rescue but you won’t have to look hard to find some older animals that are up for adoption too. You will have to pay some money for the pet, and you will be responsible for the their medical bills after the adoption is complete.   The next thing to do is to consider which dog or cat breed and temperament is right for you. You can find out about the pet by looking on the Internet or calling the shelter.

What Should You Think About When Adopting A Senior Pet?

November Is Adopt A Senior Pet Month Pet Parlor Pro

You’ll want to be sure that the dog or cat you choose is friendly and gentle and will be a good companion for you and your family.   Be sure that their activity level matches your own. Senior pets should be well-adjusted and have a sweet personality. Make sure that he has a healthy body and strong joints. You will have to spend time with him every day so you will need to make sure that he likes being with you. You must make sure that your new elder pet gets enough exercise. Having a senior dog is a good way to make sure YOU get more exercise too!

Just like new puppies and kittens, you will want to take your new senior into the veterinarian as soon as possible to have a wellness check and to get any necessary vaccines and be alerted to any existing health issues. Be sure to bring along any records that the adoption agency has provided about your dog’s health history, including details about past illnesses.

Some Local Resources That Will Help You Find Your Perfect Companion

Here are some links to some local shelters that you can check to see if they have any senior animals that are up for adoption

Humane Indiana, Munster IN

Feline Community Network, Hobart, IN

Second Chance For Pets Network, Whiting IN

Humane Society Of Hobart, Hobart IN

When Is The Right Time To Adopt A Senior Pet?

When Is The Right Time To Adopt A Senior Pet?

The right time to adopt a senior pet is when you and your family start thinking about adopting a new animal. With a senior pet there are some things to think about that you wouldn’t even consider with a puppy.   Senior pets can develop arthritis, become blind and deaf and thereby will need extra care, attention and sometimes medications. Be sure to make a financial plan in case the need arises, as it will only serve to protect you and your loved ones.

You must also consider your lifestyle.   Do you work or travel?   If so, what pet care will be available for your senior dog or cat when you are away?   A great suggestion is to hire a professional pet sitter, like the Pet Parlor to care for your aging friend while you can still enjoy getting away on occasion.  Do your homework when choosing a professional petsitter – here’s a link to help: How To Spot A “Hobbyist Pet Sitter”

Pet adoption saves thousands of pets lives each year so please consider adopting a senior pet. Pets like senior dogs are often overlooked and left to die in shelters, so you’ll be helping animals and families alike by bringing a senior dog into your home and loving them for years to come. Older pets are generally friendly, calm, and easy to care for. Plus, seniors love being spoiled. If you are looking for a new pet this holiday season, consider adopting a senior pet.