Picture of someone hand-feeding a dog

Tater gets the royal treatment!

We Got To Care For Tater Again!!

Lots has been happening at our little company!  We got to see our Tater and (for the most part) she ate really well.  The owner had booked her dates and then Tater got sick (the vet said she has elevated liver levels).  She had stopped eating, so the owner decided to cancel her trip and be with Tater.  Well, Miss Tater decided that she was going to feel better and let her owners take a little get away after all! On day two of pet sitting, she decided that she wanted us to hand-feed her.  THAT is how she prefers to eat when her ‘parents’ are away!  Of course, we obliged and Tater ate like a champ!

We Are Expert Chin-Rubbers If I Say So Myself!

Dog getting scratched under the chin

Chin Scratches for Summer

We also saw Summer and Fluffy while their mom and dad took a little camping-get-away.  They enjoyed a few days of Pet-Parlor-Chin-Rubbing (we ARE experts). And WE enjoyed their sweet faces!!

A dog looking funny at the camera

Jaxon is so funny!

Jaxon Is A NUT!

It’s ALWAYS fun to see Jaxon and this time was no exception.  He was full of fun – running around the house and jumping up on the couch when I sat down.  He made sure to pose for a few camera shots so he could show off his derpy self.  (He also took advantage of our nail-trimming service and he was quite impressed!)


Cat with it's tongue sticking out

What does Beetlejuice think of winter?

What Does Beetlejuice Think About Winter?

Beetlejuice was a happy camper too.  He told us he’s really happy about the fall weather but when we mentioned winter he stuck his tongue out.  (I’m in agreement).

Side view of a dog

Boomer is so fun!

LOVED Getting To Have Lunch With The Boomer-Man!!

We’ve gotten to see Boomer for a few weeks in a row (LOVE THAT!!).  He likes to grab a toy right before he goes outside to carry with him.  He will drop it as soon as something more interesting to smell hits his cute little nostrils.  So I (of course) get to carry his toy the rest of the way on our walk, lol.  Oh well, I don’t mind.

Fellini Tried To Zap Me With Her Lazer-Eyes!

Cat with it's eyes glowing

She has the power…

It didn’t work, though …. so then she tried winding in and out from my legs. That worked, lol.  We did get to meet Piper (their sweet little parakeet.  Piper was not happy to see me but started chirping merrily as I was cleaning some dishes (out of sight)!

Sophie Was Her Same Rolly-Polly Self!

All of our sitters have our favorite things about Miss Sophie.  You might think it’s the way she purrs at the drop of a hat.  Nope, that’s not mine.  You might think it’s the way she can jump about 3 feet off of the ground when she’s playing.  Still Nope.  For me, It’s the way she’ll plop over and roll whenever she sees us!  It’s ADORABLE and it happens every time single time I see her.  I like to think of it as her way of saying she’s happy to see me… sorry no pictures (I accidentally deleted them from my computer).

Well, that’s all for this time.