Dog peacefully sleeping with a smile on its face

You can see the smile on her face!

Cool Little Things That Happened This Week

Well, we’ve had some pretty happy tales (tails) this week – one of which included one of the cutest ‘snuggle-up” moments of Dakota EVER!  There’s a picture in this blog (you’ll smile, I’m sure).  We ALSO discovered (well, okay – Lisa discovered) that Dakota knows how to ‘roll over’ (in addition to ‘sit’, and ‘shake’) for treats.  I know what I’m trying my next visit!  Such a smart girl!

Squirrel holding a peanut

Insert Disney Music

Interesting mix of critters this time!

Turtle eating lettuce

Herman having lunch

We are pet sitting some fish and squirrels AND a turtle this week – never a dull moment, huh?  Lisa says she feels like a Disney Princess whenever she feeds the squirrels at this house because of the way they are waiting for her and come out and gather lovingly around her as she’s putting the food down for them.  We will have to get Lisa a poofy princess dress as her Pet Parlor uniform just for when she does this particular job.  Or I suppose if she likes it she can wear it at her other visits!  After all, It IS one of the great perks of being a pet sitter: You don’t have to wear makeup or do your hair.  The pets STILL love you!

We were warned that “Phil” (one of the inside fish) will splash us if we aren’t quick enough to close the lid of the tank after feeding … ahhh, the things we pet sitters must endure.  We’ve been quicker than Phil (so far.)



Are you kidding me?!  Really, Dude? (not his real name)

Toilet Chair

This must be what the dog saw…

I was training Faby on a particular dog (I won’t mention names until after his trial date).  We took him outside and he did everything he was supposed to do. Then we decided we wanted to spend some time playing inside and give him some snuggle-time so we went down to the basement.  He proceeded to jump up on the upholstered chair, LIFTED HIS LEG AND PEED ON THE CHAIR!  Really, Dude?!  Part of our play/love time we spent chair-cleaning, 





We are SO Excited!!

Picture of a grey and white cat lounging

Meet Miss Carly

A few months ago, Kiki went over the rainbow bridge to wait for her owner…. we were ALL so sad about this.  Anyone who get to care for Kiki was instantly in love with her.  Her owner just let us know that she adopted a 9 year old baby named Carley and WE CAN’T WAIT TO MEET HER!!  Let the purring begin…


That’s all the fun for this week – see you in a bit!