We’re Pretty Sure You’ll Like This!

I’m thinking you might like to know the little things that happen in the life of a professional pet sitting company – our sitters have some pretty funny (and sometimes sad) stories to tell.  So, I decided to start a weekly ‘thing’  – like a diary of sorts.  I’m not sure if you’ll like it or think it’s stupid and I promise not to take up your time with stuff like “George had a nice BM today” .. well, okay maybe some of that, lol. 

She’s Blind And We’re Honored To Take Care Of Her.

This week we are getting to pet sit for a blind little girl named … sorry,  I can’t say her name or post a picture (the owner appreciates privacy) so I’ll give her a fake name: Gloria.  She is SO very sweet and  that fake name seems to ‘fit’ her – because she is glorious!   She can’t do stairs AT ALL, so we are all gently picking her up and placing her in the yard where she’ll walk around and (finally) decide the best place to ‘go’.  So far, she’s doing very well with all of her new “moms’ that are taking care of her.  Her tail is constantly wagging and she is so happy all the time.

picture of dog with tongue out

Dakota #2


Dakota’s EVERYWHERE!  (Well, in Munster and Highland anyway)

This week is Double Dakota Week!  We are seeing TWO Dakota’s in two different cities this week!  One (we’ll call her Dakota #1) is part of a larger ‘sibling’ crew and the other (Dakota #2) is very happily an only fur-child.  Dakota #2 is usually asleep when we come in (I don’t think Dakota #1 sleeps at all!) and her little tongue is usually sticking out.  This type of thing completely endears our pet sitters from the git-go! 




Nail Trimming Is Making Our People HAPPY!

Our nail-trimming side of the business is doing very well and people are LOVING the service!  Arial (our nail trimmer) will be leaving us soon (better opportunities) and we are going to HATE to see him go, but he is currently training Lisa to fill his shoes.    I’m happy people are enjoying this service and I hope we’re able to continue to provide this (obviously much appreciated) service.  If you want to be put on the nail trim schedule just text/call or schedule online.  (219)588-3628 or www.petparlorpro.com – sorry, but we are only covering our pet sitting service area for nail trimming.

Alert The Media:  George Pooped!

You know how I mentioned that I wouldn’t take up your time with stuff like “George had a nice BM today”?  Well, I lied.  Celebrations are in order.  He didn’t have one yesterday (and he is rather ‘regular’ boy) so we were a bit concerned.  I saw him yesterday and Lisa saw him today and Lisa shared the good news!  Yes, we DO concern ourselves with the most basic of needs here at work, lol.

Until next time, pet lovers:  stay well and wag hard!