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Patricia Nicole owner of Patricia Nicole Photography

Patricia is a family photographer based out of Lake County Indiana. She is also a certified nurse. Her fresh creative uses of props and posing set her apart from other local photographers. As does her sweet personality and patience! Patricia Nicole Photography always strives for excellence and personalization in her sessions. Not long ago, Rebekah, an employee of The Pet Parlor had the pleasure of working with Patricia and she wanted to share this amazing woman and her talents.  Rebekah writes:

Our 3 Dogs Were Included In The Photo Shoot!

She did the photos for my blended families portraits, which included our three dogs. She was amazing to work with. When I was looking for my first artist to profile she was the first person to come to mind. I was very excited when she agreed to sit down for a small interview. 

Me: How long have you been doing photography?

Patricia: Professionally for 4 years.  But I first started taking pictures just for fun when I was in middle school, for an extracurricular class.

Me: What are the challenges you face being an independent photographer?

Patricia: Getting your name out there as an independent photographer is the hardest thing to do, I think. You don’t have a big, well-known company name backing you. A lot of the time it’s just you. You do the photographing, editing, marketing, sales, etc. Unless you build up your own company it feels like multiple full time jobs!

Me: What types of photography do you do?Family photo by Patricia Nicole Photography with two dogs and children

Patricia: Families, children, couples, and maternity. 

Me: Tell me about one of your favorite shoots/types of shoots

Patricia: Oh! Maternity.  It’s a moment in time you can’t get back and there’s just something so special about pregnancy.

Me: What got you into photography?

Patricia: There’s just something about being able to capture a moment in time that will forever evoke a memory or certain emotion from someone. I think that’s why I love maternity sessions so much.

Picture of a black and white dog in a red checked jacket taken by Patricia Nicole PhotographyMe: What inspires you in your work?

Patricia: My clients! I feel like every client is different, and I want that to come through in my images.

Me: Do you have a preference for seasonal or for outdoor shoots? Does the season make a difference?

Patricia: I think they all have their pros, but I do love fall the most! It’s not too cold or too hot and the colors on the trees are gorgeous.

Pets and Photography Together

Me: Does working with pets change this? Is indoor or outdoor easier when pets are involved? 

Patricia: No, I prefer outdoor photography in general because I love using different locations for scenery. I don’t think one is necessarily easier, so much as outdoors provides animals with the space they need to run off some energy before we start shooting.

Me: How do you feel about working pets into announcements (engagement, pregnancy, etc) and how do you suggest to do it well?Picture taken by Patricia Nicole Photography of a large dog with a mostly black face

Patricia: I love adding pets into announcements, they’re family too! I think to do it well you need an extra person to help corral them when not actively being photographed. Otherwise things get a little chaotic.

Me: What are some challenges of working with animals?

Patricia: Sometimes when you have an overly excited dog it can make capturing their attention difficult. However, this is why I like photographing outside. It gives us a chance to let the animal explore a little bit, and sometimes those make for the best pictures!

Me: Do you have any tips for clients to make things go smoothly? What should they bring and do?

Patricia: I always recommend bringing a favorite treat or favorite toy. It adds some familiarity into the situation and it’s always good to reward with treats when we get results we want.

Young boy with red jacket sitting on a fallen treeMe: Pet clothing – do you suggest it? 

Patricia; If your pet is used to it and doesn’t mind clothing it can make for some really cute pictures! However, I don’t suggest forcing it just for a picture.

Me: What are your favorite pets to photograph?

Patricia: I love all pets! I don’t think I particularly have a favorite.

Me: Do you have any pets?Picture of Man and wife with their three dogs in a field

Patricia: I have a cat and a bearded dragon.

Where can you find Patricia Nicole Photography?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/patricia.nicole.photos

Website: https://patricianicolephot.wixsite.com/patricianicolephotos

Phone: 219-213-5175

Email: patricianicolephotography@yahoo.com