Aspen Studios … it’s a special place.

When I walked into Aspen Studios I knew I was in a special place.  There were some pictures of dogs on the wall that made it impossible to get the grin off of my face!  When Angie walked out of the back office and stretched out her hand I could tell that her warmth and kindness were a factor in the wonderful photographs hanging on the walls.  She exuded comfort, friendliness and fun and you and I both know that our pets can sense that.

Angie Januchowski from Aspen Studios playing with two dogsWho is Angie?

Angie Januchowski grew up on a farm that offered the opportunity to start taking pictures when she was just a young girl.  She’s worked for the studio she’s at now, located in Valparaiso, for many years and then 3 years ago she made it her own!  Aspen Studios is a full service photography studio that can fit groups of up to 30 in-studio (or more on location).   They are the type of company that wants to ‘give back’ in different ways – like holding a Christmas event with local dog rescues. They have also worked with Vale Park Animal Hospital in Valparaiso.

What’s so special about being a photographer?

She loves the variety that her job offers; Every day is something different – sometimes she’s photographing dogs and the next day she’s in a machine shop taking photographs of parts!  She simply cannot get bored doing what she’s doing.  And the people she meets are always memorable.  There was the husband who asked to be photographed in his ‘Pilgrim Jacket’ (she thought he was dressing up as a pilgrim until she learned a Pilgrim Jacket was) –  And there was even a man that wanted nude photographs …  (she kindly turned him down)!

She said something to me that really hit home …

Angie brought up a good point during our interview that I hadn’t thought of.  We are in the most photo-centric generation ever – yet with almost all of our photos going to the digital realm, (on our phones and in the cloud) there will be less and less documentation later on (when our great-great grandchildren are here).  That’s sad, really.  Angie’s photographs are a very special addition to every family that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Even though people spend more money on their pet photos than on their kids photos, Angie is not in this business to make a million dollars – she wants to keep small and personal and “to provide great services and products”.  Angie doesn’t ‘take photos’ – She creates family heirlooms of the highest quality available.

Check out some of her work:

Photo of small dog taken by Aspen Studios with blue-grey background

Picture taken by Aspen Studios of a brown dog with brown eyes

Picture taken by Aspen Studios of a dog standing on a glass table; photo taken from undernieth

Photo taken by Aspen Studios of a grey dog with a black background

Picture taken by Aspen Studios of one dog with nine different expressions

Picture taken by Aspen Studios of eight ferrets hanging in Christmas stockings

Picture of a dog's paw instead of the 'o' in the word love taken by Aspen Studios

Artistic colorful picture of 4 dogs by Aspen Studios

Picture taken by Aspen Studios of puppies in a wooden box

Picture of a black and white small dog by Aspen Studios

Picture taken by Aspen Studios of dogs in a park

Picture taken by Aspen Studios of a pet duck during Christmas

Where can you find Angie?

Aspen Studios

5304 North Calumet Avenue / Valparaiso, IN  46383


One last thing for our readers!  Angie has included a coupon just for you!

Aspen Studios August Sale Coupon