Is Your Dog Leaning On The Side Of Being Frightened?

The 4th of July can be a trying time for any pet parent. The loud noises are the perfect storm for anxiety and destruction. But it can also be a fun time to do silly themed things with your pet. 

As always the best way to handle a poor situation is to prevent it if possible. Start training with your puppy as soon as possible. Here is a very informative step by step of how to do desensitizing training for fireworks. (Bonus! It works well with other loud noises as well!)


The 4th of July and Your Dog

On The Fun Side of Things:

Things you can go do:

  • Go to the beach! What screams summer and celebration more than being on a beach? Indiana has several pet friendly stops. Indiana Dunes State park is pet friendly!


  • Go to the park. Take a walk around your local park, or visit one of the many dog parks in the area.


  • Travel! There are dog-friendly events that happen all over the united states. Get out there and see this beautiful country, and bring your pup along for the ride! Obviously this year is a little different as most events have been canceled for health security, but check back next year for a full list of awesome events happening around the states!

Other Ways To Celebrate:

And of course you can always host your own party! Invite your dogs friends over. Cute pet costumes, themed treats, and games. Here are just a few of my favorites. *some of the links are affiliate links, so if you purchase from one of those links THANK YOU!!



Treats You Make Yourself:

And if you don’t feel up to making your own you can always purchase some!


Whatever it is you decide to do for your holiday just make sure to have fun. Your dog is going to follow your lead and have a good time right along with you. If you do any special treats or dress your pup up please share some photos with us!