So, you’re going back to work after Covid-19 and you’re worried about your dog?  

As we all know recently our world, and lives, have changed. With the spread of Covid-19 the entire world seemed to come to a halt. Some people have lost their jobs, others had to quickly adjust to working from home. And while the end is not certain, a lot of places are starting to try to get back to normal.

What now?

So how do we adjust from here? For months our normal routine has been completely up-heaved. And one thing good that came from it was our ability to spend more time with our pets. Some of you even adopted new dogs during the stay-at-home orders.  So how do we help our furry family adjust from having our constant presence, attention and entertainment to our being gone most of the day?

Here are some things that can help when you go back to work

  • Background sounds –  Make sure they have some background sound. Leaving on a tv or a radio will help keep their anxiety down. They have probably not had a ‘quiet’ house for several weeks and when you leave for the day It will give them a sense of not being completely alone.  Click Here for a HUGELY SUCCESSFUL product that might help!  This one can even add comfort when you’re at home!
  • Safe spaces –  Giving them their very own safe space. Whether you choose to crate your pet when you are not home, or allow them to free roam, making sure they have an area that they know is their safe space is important. A pet bed, cage, or even a special spot on the couch that they know they can go lay in does wonders. Need some ideas? Click Here for some cozy bed ideas.    And  Click Here for some great crate possibilities.
  • Toys – Providing your dog with safe toys to play with while you’re away is always a fun distraction from anxiety or loneliness to your pet. Puzzle toys are especially good for dogs that become bored when they are left on their own. But be sure to leave only toys that cannot be destroyed and ingested while you’re away!  Here is a Level 1 toy if your dog has never had a puzzle toy before.
  • Clothing – Leave out a piece of clothing with your scent on it – it can also help them not feel alone.
  • Cameras- A new trend is getting hi-tech! Installing a camera not only allow you to see what your pet is doing while you’re at work but you also interact with them! This Camera Even Lets You Give Your Dog A Treat while you’re at work!!  How cool is THAT?
  • Be proactive- Wear your dog out before you go. Make sure your dog has a nice long walk and lots of play time before you leave for work. If you have to leave super early in the morning and don’t have this option hire someone to come wear them out for you! Which brings me to my personal favorite:
  • Hire a professional pet sitter to come give love, attention, exercise, and a potty break during your workday.

    Yes, That IS The Best Solution

you're going back to work after Covid-19

The best and easiest way to keep your pet from being lonely and bored during your workday really is to hire a professional pet sitter/dogwalker! There are a variety of services available for this. From a simple afternoon break to longer pet sitting services if you are going to be gone for a longer period of time. I myself am a pet caregiver with The Pet Parlor, and I love nothing more than spending time with the pets I have the pleasure of sitting. They get so excited when I come to see them!  How much affection they give me when they are taken for their afternoon walk, or the way their tails don’t stop wagging when we play with their toys tells me that I’m doing a great job and that they appreciate their owners taking care of them while they’re at work. 

The Pet Parlor has been providing quality and loving service for over twenty years. We believe that giving the best for our clients (both two and four legs) is most important, and we strive to do this through love and care. The Pet Parlor is involved heavily in the community too, supporting animal centered businesses and causes. ( Be sure to check out our Artist profiles and share in the support of other animal lovers!)

Simply, there is no substitution for human interaction when it comes down to it.  Call or text 219-588-3628 to reach The Pet Parlor today.