Several years ago, when my Stanley (now passed) was a mere 6 or 7 months old, something happened that everyone who goes shopping (and has cats) should know about.

I was putting away groceries and all of a sudden I see this taupe-colored blurr run crinkling past me.  Stanley (my orange tabby) had gotten his head inside one of those plastic bags from the store.  He couldn’t see and he ran CRAZY through the house not knowing what what happening. I couldn’t catch him he was running so fast and erratically. I finally figured out the instead of chasing him, I needed to be still and wait.  I caught him by sitting in the hallway and when be came my way I grabbed him and removed the bag. His pupils were so dilated they filled his entire eye, and he was shaking like a leaf. He was so scared.  His nose was bleeding and he had lost his front teeth.

This is a great lesson to share with cat owners everywhere … Stanley would still have his little teeth if I’d known.