We think you’ll want to make a visit to Pet Supplies Plus in Portage!!  Here’s why:

We recently met with Kelly Kirk – she’s the manager of the Pet Supplies Plus in Portage, Indiana and what an awesome interview it was!  That store is so clean and bright and, well … happy!  We learned a ton about the culture and philosophy of Pet Supplies Plus and we wanted to share.

Kelly from Pet Supplies Plus

Kelly has been with the company for 6 years, and when I asked what she liked best about working for Pet Supplies Plus, she smiled and talked about how the passion for animals and the neighbors (that’s what they call their customers) is shared all across the board – from Chris Rowland, the CEO, to the managers, to each and every team member – they ALL want the experience of the neighbors and their pets to be their number 1 favorite!

Some interesting facts that I didn’t know and you might not know either:  Pet Supplies Plus has 460 stores around the nation (40% are corporate stores and the other 60% are franchised … Portage is a corporate store)  Their very first store was located in Redford, Michigan and THAT’s where their brand of dog food gets it’s name: Redford brand.  It’s rated a respectable 4 stars on the dog food advisor rating scale.



If you’ve never shopped (or bathed your dog – yes, they have a dog wash station where you can bathe your dog… that’s so cool!) at Pet Supplies Plus, you’ll want to!  They carry pretty much everything you could need for your furry friend (and feathered…and slimy … well, you get the picture.)  What’s their biggest seller?  Dog-related items account for about 60% of their sales, with items for our meowy critters coming in second at 30%.  The other 10% is centered on smaller pets like fish, hamsters, and the little guy above.

Not only do they carry a ton of cool stuff, they are dedicated to our community too!  They work with several local rescue organizations like Lakeshore Paws, Independent Cat Society, and Guardians of The Green Mile.  They donate to a rescue in Tennessee called No Voice No Choice – it’s obvious that their hearts really are centered around the paw.  Speaking of hearts, should’t you stop by and get y

When I asked a neighbor, Maryanne, what she liked best about the Portage Pet Supplies Plus, she mentioned the dog wash, the prices, and the staff.  Sounds like THIS store is doing all the right things!!