As the owner of The Pet Parlor pet sitting business, I’m continuously working to improve our marketing and spread awareness of the services we offer. A little while ago, I created a Facebook ad featuring a cute puppy asking “New Puppy for Christmas?” with the goal of promoting our mid-day dog walks. The ad received lots of engagement which was encouraging.

However, one comment really struck a chord with me. A woman wrote that she wished she had known about our services before rehoming her dog. In that moment, I realized that despite my passion for this business, I likely haven’t communicated our value proposition clearly enough. How many pet owners feel their only option is rehoming a dog, not realizing temporary mid-day walks could solve the problem?

It broke my heart to think any pet could have been saved from rehoming if only their owner knew help was available. As a pet lover myself, I want owners to feel supported rather than forced into difficult decisions. This experience reinforced the importance of spreading awareness far and wide.

Do you know anyone struggling with accidents at home while at work? Perhaps a new puppy or senior dog could benefit from our mid-day visits. I’d love for you to share this post so others in need are able to find us. Together, by sharing our services more openly, perhaps we can help reduce the number of dogs rehomed or worse due to lack of support. Every pet deserves a loving home, and every owner deserves peace of mind. Please help me reach those who may not know help is available. Learn more about our services here.