How Are You Thanking Your Dog or Your Cat This Thansgiving?

Thanksgiving is upon us and we all have so much to do at this time of year.  We’re all making to-do lists, shopping, cooking, baking, party planning, and on and on.  We tend to be so consumed with these ‘doings’ that we tend to forget how absolutely awesome is it that we have a furry friend (or two or three).  We don’t make the necessary time for thanking our dog and our cats.

Every now and then when I’m walking my dog, we’ll get into this sort of rhythm with our steps and I’ll start noticing her ears flop up and down in that special way they do – it’s so completely adorable that I just start to grinning and just taking in that simple thing about her that I love.  I’m filled with this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness for her being in my life.  She makes me so happy when I know she’s enjoying her life.  My life is better because she’s in it.  I know you feel the same if you’re reading this blog.  I hope you take the time this season (and every season) to show your dog or cat how you feel about them.

Here are 7 ways you can show thanks for the furs in your life:

Take you dog (or cat) for a long walk

The key here is to let the walk be about them, not you.  If they want to stop at every tree or bush or smelly gosh-knows-what: let them.  This is their walk, not yours.  Your walk will take on a whole new meaning when you let them go at their own pace, smell what they want to for as long as they want to.  Don’t pull on their leash (unless it’s for safety purposes.).

Scratch them where they can’t reach.

Have you ever ask someone to scratch your back because you can’t reach?  Our pets can’t ask us to scratch where it itches and sometimes they have places that are difficult to reach.  It’s also very hard for them to hold the back-scratcher.

Gently rub their muzzle.

I know my dog loves this.  Some cats that we pet sit for love it too.  You can tell by the gentle purring that’s going on.

Give a donation to a local shelter in their name.

This one is a total win – win. Animal shelters and the people who volunteer there have great hearts and they can literally use all the help they can get.  If you can offer time, talents, or money it is always appreciated. Here are a few local shelters that would love a donation of your time, supplies or cash:

Humane Indiana / Munster, IN

Home (2x2rescue.org)

Humane Society of Hobart / Hobart, IN

Feed them an extra special treat now and then.

You will want to be sure that it’s healthy and something they don’t get very often.  A great way to show thanks is to spend time making your dog homemade treats.  Click here for 9 homemade dog treat recipes!

Brush them if like it.

My dog enjoys being brushed, but too many times, I just forget to brush her.  Her fur doesn’t get matted so doesn’t require a ton of brushing so I just forget to do it.  I’ve recently started putting the brush out where I can see it.  Seeing her brush is a visual reminder of how much she enjoys it.  Try putting the brush in a place that will remind you how much your dog likes it and then USE it!

Invest your time playing and snuggling with them.

We get so busy these days – especially around the holidays.  Our wonderful pets never ask for anything (except if we’ve forgotten to fill the food bowls).  They love you and they love being with you.  Take a few minutes of your precious time and spend it just on them and appreciating them and all they bring into your heart and life!  Let them know (however you know they understand) that you love them back.

There you have it – 7 ways to show thanks for your pet that you might have not done for your favorite little fur-ball in quite awhile.   We wish you (and your fur-family) the happiest of Thanksgivings.