I’m not sure of the age of your pet, but we both know that if we’re lucky our dog or cat will live to a ripe ‘ol age.  Some of you may have been blessed and now have a pet that is moving up in years so we’d like to share with you just a few suggestions to help your furry friend adjust comfortably to getting a little older.

  • Remember that they are getting older.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our pets are aging just like us – remembering that they might not be able to see or hear like they used to might help you to be more patient and accommodating.
  • Use a raised water / food bowl for larger dogs.  This way they don’t have to awkwardly position their head and neck downward to eat or drink.
  • Use non-skid rugs where they walk.  When dogs get older they aren’t as adept at keeping their footing.  This can be because of arthritis or joint pain in general.
  • Use a ramp.  Sometimes older dogs can’t jump up on beds and/or have a hard time getting up and down stairs.  Try a ramp so that they can still enjoy the things they are used to doing (like sleeping next to you on the bed or going down stairs)
  • Take them to the vet for a regular checkups.  Sometimes there are medications that will extend the life of our precious fur family (for heart or kidney problems, for example) or help to take away age-related pain or difficulties.
  • Take slow, long walks together.  Movement is important … not necessarily speed.
  • Give them massages.  Massages help them feel loved and will increase blood flow to painful joints.
  • Feed a nutritious well balanced diet.  This is a good idea for the life of your pet, but especially true in our aging friends.
  • Use baby gates where there is a danger of falling down stairs.  Older pets aren’t as agile on their feet and may lose their balance – you can’t prevent falling down the stairs with a simple baby gate.
  • You may be coming to realize that older pets may need a potty break during your workday (even though when they were younger they could “hold it all day” while you were at work).  Call a professional company (like The Pet Parlor) to lovingly give them relief while you’re at work.  Don’t worry about leaving your older pet in the hands of a capable pet sitter, either.  We can help.

I know you’re like me and you wish they could live forever.  This list will help you make their later years a bit happier for both of you.

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