How many times have you asked a friend or relative to watch your pets for you when you go away?  No, really – how many times?  And how do you feel when you ask?  Do you have that little guilt-wiggle in your gut?  Does your sentence start with, “Hey can you do me a favor…?”   Do you sense that maybe you’re ‘putting them out’ ?  Well the fact is, you might be.  Worse, you’ll probably never know because most people won’t say anything.

We’ve got some good news for you.  This is exactly why The Pet Parlor exists.  We’ve heard you – time and time again as a matter of fact.  How you don’t want to ‘burden’ your dad or your sister anymore … or depend on your friend anymore.  That’s when you call us.  You get it!  You know that a service that is in business to take care of your pets will relieve any ‘taking advantage of’ feeling between you and your friends or you and your family.  That’s important stuff, really.

So, if you’re still asking friends or relatives to help care for your pets … why don’t you call US instead?  We’re here to help with your pet-care needs with absolutely ZERO guilt!  As a matter of fact, our tails will be wagging every time!  Call today (219)588-3628