That’s right!  We are working to the MAX and yep, this week Max is helping raise funds for Humane Indiana and Team Pet Parlor!  The walk is coming up pretty quick (September 22) and we want to thank all of you who are donating and sharing our efforts with you animal-loving friends!!

Max is a awesomely independent kitty (even though he has MANY ‘siblings’ he shares his space with) who always lets you know where you stand.  He pulls no punches.  Well, there was that time when he was above me sitting on a perch and smacked me in the back of the head … so I guess he DOES pull some punches, lol!  Apparently, I was a bit too close to him for his liking.

He’s really a beautiful cat … I would even say regal.

Won’t you help Max (a.k.a. Maxers, Max-a-man, Maxie… pretty sure he doesn’t like that one too much) help the homeless animals at Humane Indiana? Here’s the link to donate or join our team.