WHAT?? No State Dog For Indiana?? (And What The Heck Is Sugar Cream Pie?)

I did some homework and I’m not happy.

I talked in the last blog post about how Ohio is trying to have their state dog be a Labrador Retriever.  My very next thought was, “I wonder what Indiana’s official state dog is??”  I told you I’d look it up – and I did.  After all, what kind of a pet sitter wouldn’t know what their state dog is??!

What the heck?

So, I did look up what the state dog for Indiana … and guess what?  We don’t have one!  Are you kidding me?  I consider Indiana to be a true dog-loving state  … so why no state dog?  We have a state bird (the Cardinal) right?  A state tree (the tulip tree), a state flower (the peony) a state insect (yes, we even have a state insect: the Firefly) and (oddly) a state pie (sugar cream pie – which now I have to try) – BUT NO STATE DOG!

I found 12 states that have state dogs and the year that it became official –

  1. Maryland: Chesapeake Bay retriever (1964)
  2. Pennsylvania: Great Dane (1965)
  3. Virginia: American foxhound (1966)
  4. Louisiana: Catahoula leopard dog (1979)
  5. Massachusetts: Boston terrier (1979)
  6. South Carolina: Boykin spaniel (1985)
  7. Wisconsin: American water spaniel (1985)
  8. North Carolina: Plott hound (1989)
  9. Texas: Blue Lacy (2005)
  10. New Hampshire: Chinook (2009)
  11. Alaska: Alaskan malamute (2010)
  12. Georgia: No specific breed, but any “adoptable dog”  (2016)

But, alas… no state dog for Indiana.  

Just curious, if it was up to you – which breed would you choose as the official Indiana state dog and why?? And secondly, have you ever had sugar pie?

We'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions!