Team Pet Parlor, You Did a GREAT Job!!

We’re just WAGGING EXCITEDLY about the turnout at the annual Paws In The Park event today in Munster, Indiana – so many smiles.

Thank you soooo much to our awesome team who raised over $2400 for the Humane Society Calumet Area (now known as Humane Indiana).  Out of 18 teams, YOU RAISED THE MOST!! … not that I’m competitive in any way, lol.

at Paws In The Park 2017

Here is our shout out to our walking team:

WOOFS and WAGS to:

Darlene Bowers – The Pet Parlor is so happy to have you!  “Duke” Fox (proudly owned by Rick and Andrea Fox) – You did an AWESOME job, Duke, in your fundraising efforts!  Thank you!  Catherine Langel – You are such a good soul and we were so happy you were on our team!  Pat Lesniak, I’m so happy we finally met face-to-face!  Thanks for being a part of our team.  “Lucy” Taylor (and your terrific family, Joe and Kristin – you made our day with your cute little outfit and your sweetness!  We’re glad Ricco (and Dad) could come too! Lisa Damico – it was so good to have you there (Sorry Toots couldn’t come). Elizabeth Klemm, our awesome cat-mom who’s always a part of the fun –  YOU ROCK, dear woman! Jill Lovett it was great to spend some time with you!  Thank you so much for joining our team and bringing your gorgeous boy Finn!  Amber Ribic you’re so cool!  You were the first one to say “YES” to being a team member!  Renee Highsmith even though you never quite made it to the event you are and always will be part of Team Pet Parlor.  Pat Thompson (Sr.) Thank you for always being there for everything…. always.

These kindhearted and generous people donated to the precious animals of Humane Indiana and we would hug each and every one if we could:

  • Libbie Pelter
  • Peggy Kurzydym
  • Mary Domsic Iwinski
  • Amber Ribic
  • Kristin and Joe Taylor
  • Steve and Laurie Clippert
  • Mary Breitzke
  • Robyn Lowry
  • Carol Clausen
  • Donna Dmitt
  • Mary Lou Jandura
  • Laura Jones
  • Debbie Gray
  • Betty Rudnick
  • Pat Lesniak
  • Susan Thompson
  • Lyn McHie
  • Renee Highsmith
  • Lee Ann Egan
  • Lisa Damico
  • Rick Fox
  • Brendon Fox
  • Elizabeth Klemm
  • Joyce Koch
  • Ron Fox
  • Team MBC
  • Arlene
  • Arron and Shawna Peterson
  • June Yarovsky
  • Chris Hurd
  • Lory
  • Team Clue
  • Dale Garthus
  • Donna Dunn
  • Wendy Ostrander
  • Vicky Olesh
  • Cynthia Fary
  • Kathy Mikels
  • Briggs Holmes
  • Catherine Langel
  • Paul McGrath
  • Don, Sonia, and Doug White
  • Pat Thompson
  • Larry Winters
  • Bill Padgen
  • Jill Lovett

You are all proof of goodness in this world…

Lots of things to see!
Lots of nice vendors!
Good life motto: Always take time out for some belly rubs
Looking very serious..
Ahhh, the kissing booth..
REALLY wanting to make friends
What a handsome fella!
Dog walking with a twist
Darlene cracking
Thirsty baby

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