Why Are Veterinary Exams So Important? By Peggy Kurzydym

Gunny waiting for the vet


All of us that have fur babies have a special bond with them. To us, they are family and even our “children”.  Well, children get booster shots and vaccinations for many various diseases, but do you make sure to do this with your fur baby? Besides just the annual rabies shots?

Catch illnesses quick

Our babies depend on us not only for food, water, and recreation but they also depend on us for love and nurturing – which includes medical care.  Yes, veterinarian visits are inconvenient and costly but so worth it! When you take your pet to the veterinarian make sure they do annual blood work and fecal testing along with the proper exam. Believe it or not, illnesses like diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, heartworm, cancer, gingivitis and periodontal issues can mask themselves for months before your pet is actually showing symptoms. And unfortunately, there are times that one finds out when it’s too late to address the problem.

When was the last time your baby had his exam?