One Star Review … REALLY??

Ok, I’m really mad here.

Fuming, kinda.  I just looked at our Google page and someone named Nicholas (last name not mentioned to protect him … only be assured he’s no relation) – just left us a ONE STAR review.

Eh hem.  We’ve never done business or even spoken to this person EVER!  He just took our overall rating down because he …. because he… I don’t even know why he did it!

It’s hard.

We work pretty hard to keep a sterling reputation in a business that requires that people trust us.  I don’t understand how people can be so thoughtless – I totally get leaving a bad review when a company doesn’t meet the standard that the client has in mind.  I get it.  And I think as a business owner that’s some valid feedback and it might be time to make a change in your business.  But this?

What the heck?!

Now what?  I responded and asked him to please take his review down.  That’s all I can do.  Unless you have some other suggestions?


Pet Sitting in Munster Indiana

It’s professional to respect your clients privacy and not open doors that are closed once you start pet sitting.  This may cause 8531777206_584ff1d7c1some concern, however, for the professional pet sitter who is unable to locate a hiding cat!

Always tell your client that if there is a closed door in their home, you will leave it closed UNLESS you cannot locate their furry friend.  I always ask them to please be sure the cat is out before they leave so I can safely keep my company’s ‘closed door’ policy.

PET SITTING BUSINESS TIP: Excellent Dog Walking Opportunity .. Have You Done This?

3559492424_a919cb399e_oIs there a retirement home that allows pets in your area?  This is a PERFECT  opportunity if you are a dog walker!  Go introduce yourself to the management … maybe even set up a free nail trim day to introduce yourself and your services to the residents!

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PET SITTING BUSINESS TIP: Driving Driving You Crazy?


If you are a pet sitter, you probably have a TON of drive time.  2180970301_677a7ddf82Use it to your advantage! It’s a great time to listen to audio books on business topics or dog training.  You can also download some interesting animal podcasts that just may help you in the success of your business!

Here are some links (click on the blue link or copy and paste the others into your browser) to get you started:

For audio books:

For podcasts:


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Stop Yanking The Leash…

So, you’re a pet sitter.  A dog-walker? Groomer?  Business owner?  Whatever you are, you are most likely yanking the leash.  Daily.  Probably even hourly.  It’s time to stop.  I want you to take a moment and think about all the things that you would like to do in your business as well as personally.

3185997628_95de5e3898_nNow I want you to consider why you haven’t started.  What are those thoughts that go through your mind that cause you to yank on that leash?  What thoughts made you pull back?  There are a TON of them, I’m sure … but they are all based in falsehood.  If someone were holding you under water and you had to move forward with your dreams in order to get a breath, you’d find a way, wouldn’t you?  Would it be scary?  Yes.  Would you have to suffer in some way?  Yes, probably.  Especially if it was worth something.  But you wouldn’t yank on the leash.  You’d die if you did.  Think hard about that.

Leashes are wonderful things to help control our furry friends.  Not our hopes.  Not our dreams.  Not our ambitions.  Let go of the leash.  It’s the only way you’ll move forward.

My Biggest Mistakes in Pet Sitting

2924145651_81d7254c9e_mI’ve been pet sitting for over 15 years.  When I first started I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to anything.  I had some very interesting experiences as a result of this unwillingness to say ‘no’.  One was a gentleman by the name of Joe.  Joe was one of the most unusual characters I have ever met (and I would assume ever meet again).  Joe had no family and many medical problems, and Joe was a vampire.  He would suck the very life out of you if you would let him and when I first started pet sitting, I would let him.  It was my thought that I was risking my business if I said ‘no’ to those ‘little extras’ that people ask.  I’m not talking about taking in the mail or watering the plants.  Here is a list of things that Joe asked me to do :

  • Pick him up a pack of cigarettes and deliver them to the hospital

  • Drive him to the store so he could pick up some dog food

  • Clean a spot on his carpet (NOT made by his dogs) and then ‘while you’re at it could you clean the rest of the carpet?”4258072649_67f8b6a15a_m

  • Put on his elastic socks for him

  • Wait another week for the money I was promised. (over and over, with excuse after excuse … and I would still watch his dogs when he asked)

Yes, Joe was a valuable learning experience to say the least.  Did I do those things, you ask. Yes. And worse, I did them knowing full well they were way out of the bounds of the ‘little extras’.

There came a time, however that it dawned on me that I was being taken advantage of and that Joe was not to blame.  I own a pet sitting business.  I was forced (thank you, Joe) to define what that means much more clearly and give it the value the it deserves.

I guess it all comes down to the ‘truth’ that you place things. I’m still learning that it’s wise to examine what you believe to be ‘true’.  It’s so easy to just assume things and accept them as truth.  It wasn’t true that I wouldn’t be able to have a successful business if I said ‘no’ to things that didn’t define what I was trying to do.  It is true that I can have confidence in my business as well as draw the lines of what my service will and will not provide.  8202096429_8b7bd9f2bd_n

About a year after I stopped pet sitting for Joe, I got a call from another pet sitter.  She had a client for me, she said … his name is “Joe”.  I told her thanks anyway, she could keep him.

Rainy Days and Holes in Your Shoes … and Pet Sitting

I hate to pet sit when it rains.  Snow is okay sometimes, especially soft snows, and spring days are the absolute best!  But rain?  I just can’t get myself to enjoy the rain when I’m pet sitting.

I was pet sitting the other day and you guessed it: rain.  It was gray and bleak outside, reflective of those days when your mood tells you to just pull the covers more snug and sleep a little more.  Maybe even just give this one up and check back tomorrow.

The other day was one of those drizzly, cold, and overcast days.  I always try to put the “blahness” in the back of my mind when I look outside and see days like that.  I love my job: the pets, the work itself, caring for those wonderful big eyed and waggy tailed critters ~ so I try to focus on those thoughts when I step out into a not-so-sunshiny day.

It all fell down for me when I pulled up in front of “Dakota’s” house, put my foot down to step out of the car and felt the sudden cold water seeping in through my sock.  There was an immediate awareness that I won’t be able to think of anything else until I got home and took my shoes and socks off.  For the rest of my day, I would be constantly reminded that it’s raining, I’m cold, it’s cold outside, and I will have to walk all the rest of my dogs feeling the cold water squishing up between my toes, and I have 7 more jobs to do.  An every other step reminder.  NOW try to keep the happy thoughts up front!  Yeah, good luck with that.  Time for new shoes.


The Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Pet Sitter

If you are even taking the time to read this, there is a reason.  Are you unhappy at your current job?  Have you always loved animals and yearned to make a decent living working with them?  Maybe you just aren’t too sure how to get started.  Read on, dear friend.

If you’ve ever been frustrated about not getting a day off when you needed one, or if you have run into “boss attitude” when trying to convince your superior that something within your job function needs to change, you understand the importance of independence.

Which brings me to the very first reason that I think you should pet sit:

1,   Freedom

If you work for a corporation or company, you know you don’t have much say regarding your schedule.  This can be quite a source of frustration and possibly even cause you to feel ‘owned’ by the company you work for.  One of the huge benefits for me in the field of pet sitting includes the ability to set my own schedule.  When you pet sit for a living, you can choose your days off (if any!), choose which holidays you will work and which you won’t, and choose the hours you put in! You can even work pet sitting around your existing job or school.  Your employment can accommodate your life instead of the other way around.  Not many jobs working for someone else can offer you that.

You also have the freedom to try different methods and ideas surrounding your job – you set your own systems and adjust what doesn’t work and improve on what does. You don’t have to ask permission or go through corporate hoops just to change something that you know isn’t working.  YOU have the privledge to set and keep the (hopefully high) quality standards of your whole business.  You are your own boss and the head of your company and that means you can design it and shape it any way that fits you and your clients.

2.  Ease in getting started

One of the greatest things about beginning a pet sitting business is that you can start with a very small amount of money and time investment.  It’s great if you have an abundance of both of those, but not mandatory.  You can post a simple sign at a local veterinarians office or grooming shop and then, if you make sure your sign stays up, people will eventually start to call you for business.  You can build on this as you like and are able.  You don’t need to put money into a huge advertising budget go into debt to get the word out.  All you really need is some animal experience, a dependable car, a good work ethic, and some determination.

3.  Flexibility

Wouldn’t it be great to work around your life as opposed to live around your work?  Pet sitting can be arranged to fit your needs, whatever they happen to be.  If you are a student, pet sitting is perfect for you!  If you are a mom and only want to work while your kids are in school, pet sitting is the perfect solution!  If you already have a job, you can arrange your pet sitting around your job (which is great if you plan on keeping your current job until you are established enough to let go of your other job and pet sit full time.  Pet sitting is as flexible as you need it to be!

4.   Love

This may sound like an unusual reason to include, but I am a firm believer that you must love what you do and do what you love.  If you have a job that you don’t like, and that you dread going to in the morning, it is going to drain you dry.  If you are in the middle of a situation like this right now, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  One of the things I hear so often when I tell a fellow pet lover that I am a pet sitter is,  “Oh, I’ve thought of doing that.”  I never ask them, but I have often wondered what stopped them.  Was it fear?  Maybe they thought that it wasn’t possible to replace their income or make enough to live on.  I’m not sure, but I do know that if you love pets, you have a natural instinct to want to take care of them and be with them and that is a wonderful place to start!  I absolutely love the human/animal bond and I feel so blessed to be able to take care of them FOR A LIVING!  I actually get paid to do this!  I have even had the satisfaction of developing sincere and deep friendships with some of the pet owners that hire me, so the ‘love’ aspect of pet sitting carries over even to my personal relationships.    If you have a love for animals and a love for people, you have two major key ingredients to be a successful professional pet sitter.

5.   Growth

If you are the type of person that likes to climb a little higher,  than pet sitting would be a great business for you.  You are the one that sets your own limits on your expansion, not someone else.  If you feel that yearning for “something more”, pet sitting could be a springboard for almost any area related to animals.  You could grow your business to include employees, and that would allow you to expand your area of service.  In addition to your pet sitting, you could start to add in training, grooming, behavioral counseling, and even offer pet products; the list just doesn’t stop!  There is always room to grow in the pet sitting profession.

6.   Fun

Lastly, if you like to have fun, and I’ve found that most people don’t object to this, than there is no greater source of joy than working in the animal field provides.  Pets are so real, so unassuming, so cute, and downright funny sometimes!  If you’re a pet lover, than no one knows this better than you. It’s hard to even look at them and not at least have a slight smile about your lips, isn’t it?   You get it!  They are a constant source of joy and happiness and they give their love to you with nothing expected in return.   Well except, maybe, the occasional treat, a cozy lap,  or a simple pat on the head!

Now I’m sure that you can see how pet sitting offers so many advantages that it deserves the title of the perfect profession!  I truly wouldn’t trade my job for anything in the world.  So what are you waiting for?  If you’re ready to look a little further into beginning a pet sitting career, just click here: Pet sitting books or go to the library.  Subscribe to my blog!  I will be posting regular ideas and tips for beginning as well as established pet sitters.  There is plenty of information out there to help you put your best foot forward.  I wish you all the success and happiness that pet sitting has given me through the years.  Here is to happy pets and their happy pet sitters!!