So What About This Salmonella Stuff?

We recently published a post on some pet food recalls – and this one particular word is getting some unavoidable attention.  Don’t let the pretty picture fool you …

The “S” word

Salmonella has become a word that, unfortunately, almost everyone is now familiar with.  Why should we be so concerned about the possibility of salmonella lurking in our dog or cat food?  They can eat anything, right?  Wrong.  It just so happens that salmonella can be deadly – to pets AND humans.

Now do we have your attention?  Yes, I said ‘deadly’.

When a person comes in contact with and is infected with Salmonella, they can suffer from fever, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping.  This usually lasts between 4 to 7 days and most of the time people recover without medical treatment.  In some cases, however, if the diarrhea is severe the person may need to be hospitalized and put on antibiotics.  In some cases, people have died from complications of Salmonellosis.

What about my pets?

Our pets don’t always show symptoms when they are infected with Salmonella – but some signs to watch for would be:


  • vomiting
  • fever
  • not eating
  • diarrhea (or bloody diarrhea)
  • lethargy or lower-than-normal activity level

Our pets can carry and pass Salmonella bacteria to their human family without ever showing any symptoms that they have the illness….scary, huh?

What can we do?

Some key ways to prevent the bacteria from being spread is to clean, clean, clean!  Wash your hands regularly (especially after handling food of any kind – pet or human).  Clean your pets bowls after every use.  Keep your yard picked up (dog waste, garbage, etc.).  Lastly,   keep up to date on the latest pet food recalls – here is a link to the FDA’s recall page

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