Potty Training Tips From a Pro!

dreamstime_l_9774221As a pet sitter I often get asked about the process of potty training.  I don’t mind at all because that means PUPPIES!! (it’s no secret that I LOVE puppies!).  Here are some tried and true tips from Laurie Tuttle, a professional dog trainer and friend of mine:

  • Remember that your puppy should be given the opportunity to potty after
  1. eating
  2. drinking
  3. sleeping
  4. playing

(That sound like their whole little life, doesn’t it?) but it’s true, so yes, you will be taking your pup out A LOT!  Be patient … your puppy will understand before long. On average, puppies will have to go every 2 hours during the day until they are about 4 months old.  (Consider hiring The Pet Parlor for mid-day breaks – we love giving puppies a much needed break or two during your work day)

  • Catching your puppy in the act is a GOOD thing!  Don’t freak out – just direct them to go outside.  If you didn’t catch them? Again, don’t freak out!  Do nothing. That includes yelling, scolding, dirty looks, etc.  Remember your puppy can pick up on your frustration, so be as patient as you can possibly be during this process.  If it’s solid, just pick up the mess and take it in the back yard for your puppy to get a sniff and hopefully understand that outside is where he’s supposed to do his business.
  • Make sure your puppy is either supervised (eyes on constantly!) or put in a crate or pen if you cannot be supervising.  Puppies are like children and if you aren’t watching them they will find mischief to get into … or potty when you aren’t paying attention.
  • When you are outside with your puppy MOVE AROUND!!  Get your puppy moving – this will help stimulate their bowels.  If you notice that your pup stopped going potty right in the middle (they are easily distracted when they are outside) THEY ARE NOT DONE!  Keep them outside until you are sure they are done.  It’s pretty frustrating to bring your puppy back inside after a chance to go  and they do it inside…

Thank you, Laurie, for your tips on making potty training a little easier!  You can reach Laurie Tuttle, CPDT-KA at:

Laurie Tuttle Dog Training LLC:  http://www.laurietuttledogtraining.com or email her at:



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