One Star Review … REALLY??

Ok, I’m really mad here.

Fuming, kinda.  I just looked at our Google page and someone named Nicholas (last name not mentioned to protect him … only be assured he’s no relation) – just left us a ONE STAR review.

Eh hem.  We’ve never done business or even spoken to this person EVER!  He just took our overall rating down because he …. because he… I don’t even know why he did it!

It’s hard.

We work pretty hard to keep a sterling reputation in a business that requires that people trust us.  I don’t understand how people can be so thoughtless – I totally get leaving a bad review when a company doesn’t meet the standard that the client has in mind.  I get it.  And I think as a business owner that’s some valid feedback and it might be time to make a change in your business.  But this?

What the heck?!

Now what?  I responded and asked him to please take his review down.  That’s all I can do.  Unless you have some other suggestions?

11 Replies to “One Star Review … REALLY??”

  1. You’re always going to have ornery people just because they like to ruffle feathers. You’ve been taking care of our pets and our home for many years and we love you. Our cats are happy and so are we. Keep up the great job.

  2. I think you get to respond to negative reviews on most sites. Just inform people that he is not a customer. Sorry some people are just stupid.

  3. I would give Pat at least a 10 star review! My dogs love her and she came out even in the big storm we had. She communicated with us daily, plus sent us pictures of our babies. I felt totally comfortable with her caring for our dogs. She is absolutly wonderful, shame on you Nicholas!!

  4. The Pet Parlor are the very best pet sitters EVER. For people to erroneously give a bad rating to a business that they’ve never used is just wrong and mean. Please take rating a business very seriously. The Pet Parlor’s service is always good in the 20+ years I have known them.

    1. Patti thank you so much for saying this. It means alot to us. I felt as if our clients came to our rescue with this poor review (or star-rating … there was no review included). I really appreciate your speaking out for us.

  5. What did this yo yo say? Maybe he had the wrong Pet Parlor as there are a bunch of them in other states, etc. Maybe it is just a jealous competitor. All people have to do is read all your reviews to see that your Pet Parlor is the best. Now, I’m just fuming!!

    1. He didn’t say anything! He just pushed the ‘one’ star button. Someone suggested just what you did – that maybe he thought he was reviewing another business named The Pet Parlor. I’m hoping that is what happened – I also hope he takes his review down (because now we no longer have a 5-star rated company)

  6. Susan Christenson My goodness! That cannot be true. We have used Pat for over 20 years. She is wonderful and caring and dependable. She has taken good care of all of our pets.

    1. Thank you Susan, for coming forward in our defense … it means a great deal to us to know that our reputation is clean with the clients who have actually dealt with us and they are willing to come forward and SAY it! Thank you again.

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