Oh My Gosh – My Clients Are Brilliant!! – Tip 35

Sometimes I’m astounded at the resourcefulness of people!

Especially my clients.  I was at Luna’s house the other day – giving her a mid-day potty break and I read a note from her owner telling us where her ‘busy box’ was located.

Busy Box?

“What the heck is a busy box?” I thought.  Then I saw it and thought, “How clever!”

She had taken one of those large spice containers and poked holes in it for Luna’s kibble to fall through the holes.  I put a little handful inside the container, replaced the lid and gave it to Luna.

She played for the next 15 minutes!

She was thrilled!  She played for the next 15 minutes and was rewarded for every effort with a few pieces of her kibble!

My clients are brilliant.  And their dogs are happy and occupied!

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