Meet The Staff

Pat Thompson

Pat has been working with the Pet Parlor for the last 19 years (so she obviously loves it, lol).  She has one dog of her own (Shea) and she spends her “off” time with her husband of 20 years and her 16 year old son.

The thing she loves about her job:  She CAN’T be in a bad mood when she goes to work!  (If she’s having a trying day and she goes pet sitting she’s always in a better mood when she’s done!)  You can’t say that for many jobs…


Maria Zuniga

Hello all!  I’m Maria, the newest member of The Pet Parlor.  I’m very excited to meet all of your furry friends and get to know them.  I’ve been asked what I like so far about working with the dogs and, of course, I can go on and on about getting to play with them and taking cute pictures.  But there’s something I like even more, that I feel not enough people talk about.  It’s about making a difference in another being’s life.  We’ve all heard the saying “they might be only a part of your life, but for them, you are their whole life.” and I feel confident in saying we all know this is true.   Our pets are very social creatures and miss us when we’re away.  I’m reminded of this every time I leave the house and see all three of my dogs’ faces sad to see me go.  It’s heart-breaking, but as humans, we have responsibilities and plans and leaving just can’t be helped.  This is why I love pet sitting.  It not only ensures that our pets get their basic necessities of potty breaks and food re-fills, it also keeps them from getting too lonely throughout the day.  Right now the dogs are still getting to know me and are a little shy, but with a little time they’ll open up more.  Then any time I stop in they’ll be happy to see me because it will be like their good friend decided to visit.  If you’re reading this and are considering getting a sitter for your fur-baby, just know that they will love you even more for it.  They will make new friends, and be in safe and loving hands.