Kitty boredom?


According to PetMD, cats can sleep between 15-20 in a 24 hour period … (are you jealous?)  What do they do in their ‘awake’ time?  To make sure your kitty isn’t bored during the day while you’re at work, try these simple things … just in case they wake up!

  • put a puzzle feeder around the house somewhere with their favorite cat treat inside
  • place a cat perch in a window (hang a bird feeder or two where your kitty can watch for extra entertainment!
  • leave open paper bags out and about
  • some interesting and safe toys around the house will curb boredom
  • add a cat tree to your living room with lots of different levels and toys

In all cases – don’t be surprised if you come home to your kitty sleeping in the paper bag, on the cat tree, or the window perch.

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