Is Your Older Dog Acting Strange? Tip 39

It’s called “Canine Cognitive Dysfunction”

And, it’s actually a pretty fancy way of saying your dog is senile.  Their brains (just like ours) go through changes as they age …  some of these changes can be heartbreaking:

  • Loss of interest in activities and/or people
  • Wandering, pacing or looking ‘lost’ in their own familiar homes
  • Loss of house-training
  • General confusion

What can we do?

Canine cognitive dysfunction is not understood at the cellular level and there currently are no specific strategies that will prevent CCDS, but keeping your dog mentally stimulated may help slow its development.

Things like puzzles, scent work, food-dispensing toys (here’s a cheap one!) and of course, daily outside walks and exercise will go a long way in keeping your dog bright and alert in the years to come.

2 Replies to “Is Your Older Dog Acting Strange? Tip 39”

  1. My 14-year old baby is going through this. She wakes up from a nap and cannot figure out where she is exactly and looks totally confused. She will walk up to a wall for no reason and just stare at it. I talk to her and massage her and she snaps out of it. I can’t get her to chase her ball or get interested in fun stuff. I tell everyone she has Doggie Dementia and, of course, it’s just killing me.

    1. I would imagine it’s heartbreaking, Joan. I’m glad she is able to snap out of it when you massage and talk to her… I’m sure you would do anything to help her. If I come across any suggestions or ideas I will post it or contact you directly. In the meantime, kiss my sweet Wheedle from me?

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