I absolutely hated to read about this. Tip 38

I almost cried.

I read a story about a 6 year old boy in Florida who died a few days ago.  The reason the story grabbed me was because of the word ‘rabies’.  He was bitten or scratched by a rabid bat.

Once symptoms start to show, it’s too late.

His family didn’t want to take him in right away because he started crying at the thought of getting a shot.  I can understand trying to appease the tears of your child (I have a son too).  But a week or two later the boy started to complain of numb fingers and a headache.  It was too late.  I read that there is not much doctors can do once symptoms are showing.

Then I read the statistics.

I was a bit shocked to read the following:  “Globally, the World Health Organization says 55,000 people die of rabies every year, with dogs the source of 99 percent of these fatal bites.”   You can read the story here

Ever wonder why your state has a mandatory rabies vaccination policy?

This is why.  That 6 year old boy.  And the 55,000 other (I know, most are not in America). Mandatory vaccination of your pets is probably why.

So, why am I telling you this?

I’m just imploring you:  Vaccinate your dog with the rabies vaccine.  For your dog.  For your neighborhood kid.  Just do it.

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