Daily pUPDATE for 11/5/16 and 11/6/16

The first Fur-son on my schedule for this weekend is Cooper! Cooper loves to play… Sometimes it’s very difficult to get him back inside…image

AND he loves to walk too!








Then, it was on to care for Neko, Texedo, and Deenii. When I walked in I found the little escape artist, Neko! He was behind a gate when I left last night….. I also found several messes on the kitchen floor… (sad face) – but who could stay mad at such a sweetheart? Not me. Everybody was well taken care of and now I’m done with my morning visits. Time to go home and start laundry and make  some chili…

Later, my day included Miss Praline … she seems so happy at treat/eat time!  She does the cutest little dance.image

Everyone this weekend(except Praline) had little poo-pee-parties over night – messes at EVERY house that I visited!  Wow – good thing I wasn’t wearing my ‘good’ clothes, lol.  Lot’s of cleaning time this morning…See you Monday (after I shower!)



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