Can You Guess The Favorite American Dog Breed??

The results are IN!!

The top dog breed in the United States is ….. (drum roll please)??

Nope, it’s not the Golden Retriever (which I considered for a moment, to be honest – I’m a huge fan of Golden Retrievers and The Pet Parlor takes care of many Goldens …  but they came in third.)

And, nope – it’s not the German Shepherd either (I’m a bit partial to these babies – but they actually came in second.)

Are you ready??

It’s the Labrador Retriever!  And, (get this!) it’s been the favorite for the last 27 years!  Wow!

So, what makes the Lab so special to Americans?

According to The American Kennel Club, Labs are the perfect family pet.  Why?  Here’s a list

  • They are outgoing
  • friendly
  • high-spirited temperament
  • bond with everyone in the family
  • great at socializing with neighbors and their dogs too
  • They’re also intelligent
  • They LOVE to play
  • They make good search and rescue, service and therapy dogs

I’m sitting here with a smile on my face remembering pet sitting  years ago in Highland for a family that had THREE!  A chocolate lab, a yellow lab, and a black lab – they had one of each!! And they all three could easily be described by the list above! (they were not service dogs but they were excellent at searching out treats and “rescuing” them, lol…)

What’s not to love?

Jeffery Rezabek

State Rep. Jeffery Rezabek (R-Clayton), even introduced a bill last week (House Bill 539) seeking to make the Labrador Retriever Ohio’s State Dog!  (He’s pretty familiar with the breed since he grew up with them.)

So now I’m sitting here wondering, “What’s Indiana’s state dog?”  (Have to look that up and let you know in another blog post!)



How To Be An Awesome Pet Owner – Tip 16

Yes, I’m broken.

I was up early this morning – 4:10 am to be exact (yes, I’m broken).  As I was down on the floor stretching (a common thing I do in the morning) my dog came over and started to do her ‘doggie’ type stretching too!

My dog, the yoga instructor!

Of course!  For some reason this morning it occurred to me that I have never stretched like she does … so I did the obvious (since no one was awake to watch and make fun of me).  I let her be my ‘yoga’ instructor!  When she would get on her back and squeeze her head to her hips and wiggle back and forth, I would follow and do the same.

Feel things like your dog does … turns out, they’re on to something!

Aside from seeing (and feeling) things from her perspective, having a little fun, and bonding – THIS FELT PRETTY GREAT!  My dog really knows how to stretch (and she’s a pretty good teacher too!)

A little weird – but highly recommended.

So, todays tip is a little weird, but I do recommend  you try it when no one is looking (or what the heck – if you’re bold, go ahead and do it while people are looking… just like your dog would!) Let your dog teach you their way of yoga!

How To Be An Awesome Pet Owner – Tip 3

Sometimes, a break up is a wonderful thing.

We recommend using a breakaway collar for your cat.  They can prevent serious injuries (even heartache) if your kitty ever accidentally gets snagged on something.

Where do you find them?

They sell them all over – try on or in your local pet store.  I’m kinda fond of these: (you can click the image to see more styles)

How To Be An Awesome Pet Owner – Tip 1

I’m going to try to do something a bit daunting and I may fail … but I have a sign on my wall that says, “One who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all.”  So here I go.  I’m going to try to get a pet-related tip published everyday of the year.  There.  I’ve committed.

I’ll keep them short and sweet, hows that?  Easy bites.

Today’s tip:  Watch those paws.  Just give a quick look when your pup comes inside to check for ice and/or salt in between the pads.  A quick wipe-down with a soft, warm and damp cloth is all it takes to keep your pup pawsitively happy (see what I did there? I’m snorting…)

New Babies, New Owners, New Staff!!

I’m just sitting here thinking about all the ‘newbies’ we’ve recently met and gotten to care for and yes, I’ve got this huge and stupid grin on my face!  There have been so many new little wiggling butts and sweet faces, not to mention some pretty terrific new owners and a couple of outstanding new employees!  Well, okay – we’re down to one new awesome staff member (Welcome, Maria … Miss you, Darlene!)  I’m slightly overwhelmed on the happiness scale –

You know that movie “Despicable Me” where the little girl says, “IT’S SO FLUFFY!!”?  That kinda nails it….thank you ALL for adding the ‘fluffy’ to my life and work!



Payton and Maria

Maria Is Doing Her Dooty!

Oh hey!  I think all of you need to help Maria today, if you don’t mind.  She was taking pictures of the babies today and accidentally kneeled down into some nasty brown substance that shall remain nameless…… (ugh…)

Won’t you all let her know that she’s doing a FANTASTIC job at capturing all of those precious faces as well as taking such good care of them?  Could you remind her that it’s all worth it?  (All I could do was sit back and laugh …. I wasn’t much support…)

Exciting Day of Pet Sitting!

OK,  I will share with you some small things that are really important to me as a pet sitter. There is this wonderful kitty named Gabby in Munster… I’ve been pet sitting for her for what seems like years. She never feels comfortable to come out or even stay put if she sees me.  She usually just bolts out of the room like someone tased her or something.  Today, she must of  been a little more comfortable because she actually stayed still as I approached! I even got this picture:

Gabby… Not running from me!

How gorgeous is she!? Anyway, it’s one for the books that I’m glad I could share with you.

pUPDATE! (Looooong overdue!)

Hi all! Sorry it’s been so long… You know how things are. Busy, busy, busy…

Just a little update: we are so excited at The pet parlor… We have a new puppy coming! Her name is Luna and she is six weeks old. She is a golden retriever! Can’t wait To share her beautiful face with you!

Also, if you know of anyone who might want to love ❤️ on some adorable pets during the middle of the day (or maybe some other times too!) please have them call Pat! (219)588-3628

Thought I would share a few pictures with you – I know you’ve been waiting for this!


Cappuccino is giving me a love bite!
This little cutie pie is ELLIS!
It’s a double shoe sniff sort of day…

Team Pet Parlor, You Did a GREAT Job!!

We’re just WAGGING EXCITEDLY about the turnout at the annual Paws In The Park event today in Munster, Indiana – so many smiles.

Thank you soooo much to our awesome team who raised over $2400 for the Humane Society Calumet Area (now known as Humane Indiana).  Out of 18 teams, YOU RAISED THE MOST!! … not that I’m competitive in any way, lol.

at Paws In The Park 2017

Here is our shout out to our walking team:

WOOFS and WAGS to:

Darlene Bowers – The Pet Parlor is so happy to have you!  “Duke” Fox (proudly owned by Rick and Andrea Fox) – You did an AWESOME job, Duke, in your fundraising efforts!  Thank you!  Catherine Langel – You are such a good soul and we were so happy you were on our team!  Pat Lesniak, I’m so happy we finally met face-to-face!  Thanks for being a part of our team.  “Lucy” Taylor (and your terrific family, Joe and Kristin – you made our day with your cute little outfit and your sweetness!  We’re glad Ricco (and Dad) could come too! Lisa Damico – it was so good to have you there (Sorry Toots couldn’t come). Elizabeth Klemm, our awesome cat-mom who’s always a part of the fun –  YOU ROCK, dear woman! Jill Lovett it was great to spend some time with you!  Thank you so much for joining our team and bringing your gorgeous boy Finn!  Amber Ribic you’re so cool!  You were the first one to say “YES” to being a team member!  Renee Highsmith even though you never quite made it to the event you are and always will be part of Team Pet Parlor.  Pat Thompson (Sr.) Thank you for always being there for everything…. always.

These kindhearted and generous people donated to the precious animals of Humane Indiana and we would hug each and every one if we could:

  • Libbie Pelter
  • Peggy Kurzydym
  • Mary Domsic Iwinski
  • Amber Ribic
  • Kristin and Joe Taylor
  • Steve and Laurie Clippert
  • Mary Breitzke
  • Robyn Lowry
  • Carol Clausen
  • Donna Dmitt
  • Mary Lou Jandura
  • Laura Jones
  • Debbie Gray
  • Betty Rudnick
  • Pat Lesniak
  • Susan Thompson
  • Lyn McHie
  • Renee Highsmith
  • Lee Ann Egan
  • Lisa Damico
  • Rick Fox
  • Brendon Fox
  • Elizabeth Klemm
  • Joyce Koch
  • Ron Fox
  • Team MBC
  • Arlene
  • Arron and Shawna Peterson
  • June Yarovsky
  • Chris Hurd
  • Lory
  • Team Clue
  • Dale Garthus
  • Donna Dunn
  • Wendy Ostrander
  • Vicky Olesh
  • Cynthia Fary
  • Kathy Mikels
  • Briggs Holmes
  • Catherine Langel
  • Paul McGrath
  • Don, Sonia, and Doug White
  • Pat Thompson
  • Larry Winters
  • Bill Padgen
  • Jill Lovett

You are all proof of goodness in this world…

Lots of things to see!
Lots of nice vendors!
Good life motto: Always take time out for some belly rubs
Looking very serious..
Ahhh, the kissing booth..
REALLY wanting to make friends
What a handsome fella!
Dog walking with a twist
Darlene cracking
Thirsty baby

It’s Coming!! Munster Indiana (and surrounding areas!) Pet Lovers: Mark Your Calendars!

paws_in_the_park_001Paws In The Park – Munster, Indiana!  Helping to benefit the Humane Society Calumet Area.  It’s coming – September will be here before you know it!  Get ready!

Saturday, September 9, 2017
9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Community Park
8601 Calumet Ave.
Munster, Ind.

The Pet Parlor is gearing up for some furry fun and we are setting up our “Team Pet Parlor” for those of you who may want to have some fun, walk a bit with your dog, and help the shelter pets!  Call me if you are interested (219)588-3628

Follow this link to learn more!


I know you guys are probably wondering what happened to the daily pUPDATES?  Well, life happened.  I’m sure you understand – I just didn’t have time to do that every single day!  BUT – I’ve taken some AWESOME pictures of your babies that you need to see if you are to have a pleasant day.  Guaranteed cuteness follows:

Sweet Finny!
Sweet Finny!


















Shadow in his box
Shadow in his box









Ready to play!
Ready to play!







There you go!  Now you can go about your day!  See you soon.

It’s National Love Your Pet Day!!

IMG_3880Do you love your pet??  The Pet Parlor loves your pets too! Today is National Love Your Pet Day so make today EXTRA special for your favorite pet(s).  Today is the day to give some extra walk time, extra treats (as long as the waistline will allow) or just some extra love.

Apparently, Gordmans loves your pets too!  And here’s your last chance to enter Gordmans Love Your Pet Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $200 Gordmans gift card (and if you win, they will awesomely donate $100 to your local humane society!!  How cool is THAT??)  There’s a Gordmans store in Valparaiso, Schererville, and Mishawaka, IN.

It ends TODAY – so click the link to enter (good luck!)

Take Him Out (WOOF!) To The Ballgame!

I just heard that the Chicago White Sox are trying to fill their stadium (U.S. Cellular Field) ballgamewith 1,000 dogs on Tuesday, September 13 when they play against Cleveland. They are attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Records title for “most dogs attending a sporting event”.   Did you know there was a world record for that?   I didn’t either.  This will all take place in conjunction with the 20th annual Bark in the Park celebration.

Apparently just this past May, PetSmart teamed up with a few other pet-related companies in Arizona for the same title and were just 142 dogs shy of the breaking the record.  Come on, people – it’s just 142 dogs (plus 858)!  WE CAN DO THIS!!

I’m just wondering who has ‘clean-up’ duty….


Hungry Hound Could Make Your Dog (or Cat) a Local Celebrity!

Hungry Hound is doing something kinda cool!

They are looking for fall themed photos of dogs or cats for their cover of their fall dog-leaf-hatmagazine!  Time to get the camera out and get creative with your pooch (or kitty, of course).  Dress them up like a pumpkin?  Put some fall-colored leaves around them?  The pictures will be gathered and posted  – voting is next week, so HURRY!   The winner will be on the cover of their magazine and will be distributed to NW Indiana! Your dog or cat could be a STAR!!   A local celebrity!  (People will be stopping to ask for his paw print!)

Post your awesome photo’s on their FB page – just click the link below (can’t wait to see your photos and GOOD LUCK):

Hungry Hound