Can You Guess The Favorite American Dog Breed??

The results are IN!!

The top dog breed in the United States is ….. (drum roll please)??

Nope, it’s not the Golden Retriever (which I considered for a moment, to be honest – I’m a huge fan of Golden Retrievers and The Pet Parlor takes care of many Goldens …  but they came in third.)

And, nope – it’s not the German Shepherd either (I’m a bit partial to these babies – but they actually came in second.)

Are you ready??

It’s the Labrador Retriever!  And, (get this!) it’s been the favorite for the last 27 years!  Wow!

So, what makes the Lab so special to Americans?

According to The American Kennel Club, Labs are the perfect family pet.  Why?  Here’s a list

  • They are outgoing
  • friendly
  • high-spirited temperament
  • bond with everyone in the family
  • great at socializing with neighbors and their dogs too
  • They’re also intelligent
  • They LOVE to play
  • They make good search and rescue, service and therapy dogs

I’m sitting here with a smile on my face remembering pet sitting  years ago in Highland for a family that had THREE!  A chocolate lab, a yellow lab, and a black lab – they had one of each!! And they all three could easily be described by the list above! (they were not service dogs but they were excellent at searching out treats and “rescuing” them, lol…)

What’s not to love?

Jeffery Rezabek

State Rep. Jeffery Rezabek (R-Clayton), even introduced a bill last week (House Bill 539) seeking to make the Labrador Retriever Ohio’s State Dog!  (He’s pretty familiar with the breed since he grew up with them.)

So now I’m sitting here wondering, “What’s Indiana’s state dog?”  (Have to look that up and let you know in another blog post!)



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