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You and your family will finally have peace, comfort, and assurance while you are on vacation.  You’ll know that your furry family member is safe, secure, and content in their very own familiar environment.   You can also be assured that your pet is comfortable and happy during your work day when you provide them with a mid-day potty break.  No more coming home to messes – no more uncomfortable dog – and no more worries…


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Why should you hire The Pet Parlor as your professional pet sitting company?

  • Your pets will feel comfy and secure in their own environment while you’re on vacation.  When they stay at home they enjoy familiar surroundings including the sights, sounds, and smells that give them a sense of well-being and safety (even though you’re away).  They won’t have to spend the time without you in a cold steel cage. This is very helpful if you have cats too.
  • When they stay at home they won’t be exposed to the sickness and disease that sometime goes around kennels and/or boarding facilities.  Remember the recent outbreak of Canine Flu? Several boarding facilities and humane societies had to shut down until it was safe to open.  You won’t have to worry about that with The Pet Parlor coming to care for your pet.
  • Your dog (and you!) will find relief in knowing he will get bathroom breaks up to 4 times per day if you choose – (compare that to most kennel and boarding facilities which is just 2 times per day).
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your four-legged family is being taken care of with the highest-standard of individual and personalized care.  Your pet sitter is paying attention to ONLY your baby while at your home – not 20 other dogs and cats.
  • Your home is being checked on several times per day.  When there is activity in your house it deters criminals, plain and simple.
  • You will be updated regularly (via our pUPDATES, text messaging, emails, etc. regarding how your pet is doing) ~ and for a small extra fee, you can even request our VIP (very important pet) service  and receive a short video of your baby however often you’d like!  This will keep your mind and heart at ease so you can enjoy your vacation.
  • With everything you have to do to get ready for vacation, you won’t even have to think about dropping off or picking your baby from the kennel – and that means no added stress on you or your pet either.
Lacy ~ One of our happy customers!

Lacy ~ One of our very happy customers!

The Pet Parlor knows what you and pets want and we provide it! Only the very best for your furry family.

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  1. Phil Clark

    We have been using Pat’s Pet Parlor services since 2005. Quite simply, Pat is the best! If you need to go away from home you will have peace of mind that your pet(s) will receive excellent care. Trustworthy and quality are definitely the words I think of when I think of Pet Parlor, Ltd.

  2. Debbie Fary

    Pat will take wonderful care of the family members that you have to leave at home while you are on vacation!!

  3. Janet Krieger

    Pat provides a marveleous service for our cat, Suzie. Suzie is very talkative and Pat agrees, Suzie is by the door waiting for her. I feel very comfortable knowing Suzie is in her own home and surroundings while we are gone and someone very loving comes and visits with her and feeds her. It’s a great service and I would and do recommend her to anyone!!

  4. Sarah jordan

    Pat is awesome! She took care of our 2 dogs and 2 cats while we were out of town. This was our first experience with a Pet sitter and it was a great one! Pat knew we were a little nervous so she sent us text message updates and even some photos! She took time out to pet the kitties and play fetch with the pups. We were so pleased! Thank you Pat!

  5. Sandra Armstrong

    I can’t say enough about Pat, she is the best. She takes care of our two dogs when we go on vacation. She just doesn’t come in and feed them, she lets them out, puts TV and music on, plays with them, stays with them, sends us pictures. What can I say, she is the best.

  6. Sharon Lepkowski

    It was very pleasant talking with you today I will definately use you for my next trip

    • Pat

      Thank you, Sharon. It was nice to talk to you too and we look forward to taking care of your baby (possibly babies!) in the future!

  7. Renee'

    Pat has been a part of our family for years. We have recently had a lot of trying times and Pat has been here for us, even at the very last minute. I know whatever me and my girls face, she has our backs and I NEVER worry about my girls. We are a special needs home. One of my girls is deaf and hard to handle. Pat is a regular part of our lives. She is with my girls while I work, so I know when I am on vacation it is just another day for my babies. We thank God that she is with us.

  8. Maureen and Jim Clarke

    Pat has been watching our cats since 2000. She even gave our one cat Portia shots for her diabetes. She is wonderful!!! We never worry about our “babies” when we go on vacation because we know they are in such good hands with Pat. We would highly recommend The Pet Parlor.

  9. Lm1909

    I have known Pat for about 20 years and worked with her in small animal veterinary practice. She is of exceptional character and work ethic. I have never known her to be anything less than honest, compassionate and genuinely caring. There are few people I would trust to be in my home and to care for my pets – I completely trust Pat and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I cannot think of anyone better suited to run a pet care business. She is the best person you will ever find to care for your pets, no doubt!

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